Fabric Consumption of a basic Polo-shirt

Fabric Consumption of a Basic Polo-shirt

Consumption determination of fabric is a very important term in the textile sector. Since it depends on fabric prices therefore accurate and closure consumption will reduce fabric wastage which will be beneficial for us economically. So, we should keep proper knowledge of fabric consumption properly.

Here today I am going to present fabric consumption of a basic polo-shirt.

Fabric consumption of a polo-shirt is the sum of fabric consumption of different parts of polo-shirt:

  • Fabric consumption for a body part.
  • Fabric consumption for Sleeves.
  • Fabric consumption for half-moon
  •  Fabric consumption for a pocket.

For calculating fabric consumption of a basic polo-shirt following measurement will be needed.

  1. Body Length
  2. ½ Chest
  3. Sleeve length
  4. ½ Armhole
  5. Length of half- moon
  6. Width of half-moon
  7. Length of pocket
  8. Width of pocket
Fabric Consumption of Polo shirt

Polo Shirt

So, now consider

  • Body length
= 72 cm (For body length allowance = 3+1.5 = 4.5 cm)
  • ½ Chest
= 58 cm (For chest allowance = 2+2= 4 cm)
  • Sleeve length
= 23 cm (For sleeve length allowance = 2+1.5= 3.5 cm)
  • ½ Armhole
= 24 cm (For sleeve opening allowance = 2+1 = 3 cm)
  • Length of half-moon
= 18 cm (allowance = 1.5+1.5 = 3 cm
  • Width of half-moon
=10 cm (allowance = 1.5+1.5 = 3 cm)
  • Length of pocket
= 12 cm (allowance = 2.5+1 = 3.5 cm)
  • Width of pocket
= 11 cm (allowance = 1+1 = 2 cm)
  • GSM
= 180 (Lacoste)
  • Wastage %
= 8%

Fabric consumption per dozen, (all measurement in cm)

Fabric Consumption Per Dozen

Fabric Consumption Per Dozen


For every part of a polo shirt,

= 2.04+0.61+0.06+0.04 kg/dz

= 2.75 kg/dz

So, Fabric consumptiuon for a polo shirt,

= 2.75 + 8% of 2.75 kg/dz (Here 8% is wastage of fabric)

= 2.75 + .22 kg/dz

= 2.97 kg/dz


So, Fabric consumption of a polo-shirt = 2.97 kg/dz

Note: Here I have made consumption of polo shirt which has a pocket. Here I did not mention collar and cuff consumption because maximum time in a polo shirt there is used a flat knit collar and cuff.

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