Evan Rutchik: An Adtech Expert Who Can Help You Thrive!

Growing a business today is challenging for those not adapting to the latest technology and marketing techniques. With the advancement in the digital arena, generating leads has become much easier, and entrepreneurs are using digital channels to intensify their sales and enjoy perks. However, getting leads through online mediums is becoming a challenging assignment nowadays, owing to increasing competition in the market.

Evan Rutchik An Adtech Expert

Some individuals have mastered the art of growing businesses and their revenues. Evan Rutchik is one of them, helping business entrepreneurs reach newer heights by leveraging his extensive knowledge of advertising technology. He generates maximum leads by utilizing the client’s budget right and helps them grow with leaps and bounds. You can also hold his hands to steer your business toward success if you are an entrepreneur.

Evan Rutchik is a great strategist and an inspiration for those who want to achieve something. He was ordinary, as we all are, but with ultimate zeal, hard work, and consistency, he became an expert in this field. His journey from being ordinary to an expert was full of bumps; however, he never let himself go off the track despite the odds. In short, his ability to remain calm and consistent in every situation led him to this exceptional position.

Mr. Rutchik also believes in the power of education, and his academics played a vital role in helping him achieve an adtech expert tag. If you talk about his education, Evan started his academics at Syracuse University, where he completed his bachelor’s degree in management and advertising. From the start of his education, he knew that achieving something exceptional is impossible without education.

That’s why he never shifted his focus from studying; instead, he gave 100% to his education. After completing his bachelor’s degree, he entered New York University and pursued a Master of Business Administration in marketing, entrepreneurship, and finance. Completing this education was his first becoming an adtech expert. After completing his studies, he started his professional career as Interactive Marketing Supervisor, serving for at least 4 years.

After that, Evan joined TargetCast tsm as Associate Director of Interactive Client Development. Due to his dedication and perseverance, he got promoted to Vice President. But that role didn’t interest Rutchik. He started working for Yield bot, serving as Vice President of Agency Development and later Senior Vice President of Agency Sales. At this organization, Evan proved this competence by leading a sales team of 25 people, hiring the best talent, and generating a revenue of $60M in 2016.

After leaving this company, Evan joined IAB as Board Member, then after it, he worked for Ogury, and the organization was impressed by this skillset. Evan also helped Pavone Marketing Group, Inc grow with his vast expertise. However, that was not what Evan wanted to do from childhood; he always wanted to become a successful entrepreneur.

His nascent entrepreneurial mind told him to launch Local Factor Group, and he listened to his intuition and decided to take the plunge. The idea of launching his own brand was impressive, and saw great success. After launching this brand, Evan got recognition nationwide, and now he has become a name everyone knows in advertising technology. Recently, a well-known magazine interviewed Evan, which was a proud feeling for him. You can see that interview by searching on Youtube “Evan Rutchik Interview with DotCom Magazine.”

Even after building an empire for himself, Mr. Rutchik is unsatisfied and wants to help other entrepreneurs in their ventures. He wants other entrepreneurs to thrive in their industry using the ultimate power of advertising technology. So, if you are also an entrepreneur, you can join hands with Evan’s brand, Local Factor, and find success in your business, no matter which niche you are working in.

On a final note, Evan Rutchik is an adtech expert who got what he wanted to achieve in this life by being persistent, committed and focused on his goals. He established his own brand named Local Factor and wants entrepreneurs to utilize the services of this brand to thrive in their industry. With advertising technology, you can also take your business ahead to newer heights; invest in it now!

Evan Rutchik: An Adtech Expert Who Can Help You Thrive!
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