8 Applications that Businesses Can Leverage in 2023

In the year 2022, many software applications have been monumental in increasing efficiency and minimizing human efforts. The updates and addition of new features have made a whole lot of difference in increasing productivity and profitability for companies that utilize them. 

Applications that Businesses Can Leverage

Applications that Businesses Can Leverage

Features and effectiveness aside, an important factor to consider for choosing any software is customer support. Customer support that understands the importance of customer satisfaction, like Cox customer service can help users with their queries. Check out some of the top-performing software of 2022 in the following:


Gong is a software application that shows you how to make the best out of customer interactions. The company’s intelligent revenue platform records and analyzes every customer interaction and shows you insights. Companies can bridge the gaps in their customer service by utilizing this software application.

This AI-powered quality assurance software can be of great help to your quality assurance. A blend of both human and AI insights can significantly help businesses in boosting NPS and CSAT scores. 


For companies with digital products, seeing different aspects of a product like a customer’s experience is crucial. That’s where Amplitude can help you. It is a digital optimization system that helps you personalize a digital product and bring innovation where it is needed.

This application can show you how users navigate your product, what features engage them, and how to boost user retention. All these features can prove to be useful for product managers and development teams for existing and future changes to a product. Like Gong, many big companies are utilizing Amplitude

ADP Workforce Now

ADP Workforce Now is a multiple-feature HR and workforce management software. For businesses with over 50 employees and people working from home and global locations, this software application can make a lot of difference. The features of this software include human resource management, payroll management, benefits management, analytics, and much more.

With all these features, your company can make more data-driven decisions. Also, it can increase the productivity of your HR team by simplifying its tasks.

HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot is an industry leader when it comes to offering CRM. Sales Hub is a CRM equipped with tools for customer engagement, sales analytics, and CPQ (configure price quote) functionality. Given all these features, the HubSpot CRM offers you the tools to maximize your ROI, lead conversion, and much more.

There are other sales rep software apps out there as well. But HubSpot is one of the most trusted and dependable applications out there. Plus, you can explore the software with a free demo from the company.

HubSpot Marketing Hub

The HubSpot CRM sorts both marketing and sales for companies. Utilizing different marketing tools for content management, social media updates, emails, and other mediums of marketing can be hard to manage when scattered. It is because a 360 marketing campaign requires connected efforts on all channels. Managing everything from the same CRM can make things easier for marketing teams. Plus, their efforts can better unify marketing campaigns across channels.

But the biggest advantage of using HubSpot Marketing Hub is the unification of sales and marketing. When both teams can work together with shared data, the chances of conversions and making more sales are significantly higher.

SEM Rush

SEO is one of the most rewarding digital marketing strategies with the highest ROI and long-term benefits. For this reason, many businesses around the globe are on their toes to generate more helpful and meaningful content. With dependable tools like SEM Rush, your search engine optimization efforts have a better direction.

SEM Rush can help businesses understand the search trends, keywords to work with, guidelines for optimized content, and tools for social media marketing as well. With all these features, SEM Rush is one of the top marketing software products to get your hands on.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

One of the best sales closing software applications you can find is the Salesforce Sales Cloud. This Cloud CRM has many important tools packed in it. This software helps companies automate sales-related processes, help them boost revenues, and has a ton of other features.

It is a scalable product that can help both small and large teams with their process automation. Lead management, pipeline and forecast management, dashboards, and other features can serve the needs of businesses of all sizes.


Learning a whole set of different editing and design software applications is quite hard. However, Canva has been monumental in helping businesses create graphics, banners, and images for websites and social media. The set of tools and access to a lot of stock images coming at an affordable subscription makes Canva one of the best software apps out there.

These were some of the top-performing software applications of 2022. There are many other good software applications out there serving different purposes too but these have been some of the best ones in their niche.

8 Applications that Businesses Can Leverage in 2023
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