Affording the Skies: Practical Tips for Budgeting Private Jet Travel

Private air travel was once only for those with extreme wealth or wealthy connections. However, flying private is more affordable and accessible now than ever before. Flying private is still a significant expense, but there are ways to save money when renting or hiring a private jet.

Compare Flights

Booking a private jet is somewhat similar to booking a commercial flight. Just like with a commercial flight, you’re not limited to just one choice when you book a private jet charter. You can compare flight options to see what works best for you.

A private jet cost estimator is a tool that allows you to see different arrival times, departure times, and dates. You can also choose flight options that include one-way, roundtrip, or multicity.

The estimator provides details about the planes available for your travel time. You also see how much it costs to charter each plane, how many seats each plane has, the speed of each plane, and much more. You can easily focus on options within your budget while ignoring the rest.

Choose an Affordable Jet

The cost of a private jet charter is affected by the type of plane involved. Private jets range in size from heavy to mid-sized to light. The price of the charter generally increases with the size of the plane.

Pay attention to the size of the jet and book one that fits your needs. There’s no need to book a heavy jet when a mid-sized jet will do the job.

You also might want to consider the age of the aircraft. An older jet can perform just as well as a newer model. It will also likely have all the same perks as a new model. However, it might cost you a bit less than a new model.

Look for an Empty-Leg Flight

An empty-leg flight is a private jet that’s flying without passengers onboard. The jet is empty because it’s on the way to get a booked charter or simply needs to move from one location to another.

If an empty jet is going where you want to go, you can possibly catch a ride for a reduced price. Finding an empty-leg flight takes more work than just renting a jet of your own. However, there are flight brokers and online marketplaces that list upcoming empty-leg flights.


It’s possible to crowdfund just about anything, including private jet travel. Crowdfunding a private jet means that individuals or investors help fund the jet charter.

You have to offer some benefit or reward that encourages donations. Contributors will donate if they feel it’s worth their time and money. Benefits and rewards can include access to the jet or some other gift.

Small Airports

Flying private generally means you’re not limited to using major airports. You can access smaller airports that are usually unavailable for commercial flights. Flying into and out of these smaller airports is cheaper than using a large commercial airport with hundreds of flights.

Using a smaller airport can also get you closer to your destination in a shorter amount of time. There are usually no layovers when you’re using a small airport.

Consider One-Way Instead of Round-Trip

When booking a jet charter, it’s often less expensive to book a one-way trip if you’re staying more than one night. A one-way trip means the jet that you arrive on won’t necessarily take you back home. You might have a completely different jet for the return trip.

Why is booking a one-way trip possibly a good idea when you’re doing a round trip? It’s because when you book a roundtrip, you pay for the time the chartered jet is waiting for your return flight.

So if your trip is going to last for a few days or longer, you can possibly save a few dollars by booking one trip for your arrival and a separate trip for your return.

Charter a Private Jet

A private jet is a luxurious way to travel. You can sit back, relax, and travel in style alone or with your private group. And with the above tips in mind, you’ll find a private jet that fits within your budget.

Written by: John Smith

Affording the Skies: Practical Tips for Budgeting Private Jet Travel
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