Write for Us: Fashion and Beauty Enthusiasts, Your Platform Awaits!

If you’re passionate about fashion, beauty, and everything in between, you’ve come to the right place. ORDNUR, a well-established platform in the apparel, fashion, and beauty industry, is excited to invite you to contribute your unique insights and creativity through guest posting. We understand the power of diverse voices in these industries, and we’re here to provide you with a platform to showcase your expertise. Here you will find the information relevant to Write for Us Fashion and Beauty.

Write for Us Fashion and Beauty

Why Guest Post on Ordnur?

At ORDNUR, we take pride in our website’s strong authority and credibility. Our Domain Rating stands at 30, with a Domain Authority of 42 and Page Authority of 44. But what truly sets us apart is our audience. With a nine-year history, our site boasts 75,000 monthly page views, and 45,000 unique visitors – 90% of whom come from organic traffic. Plus, we’re Google News approved, ensuring your articles get indexed quickly and seen by a wide audience.

Our readers are passionate about fashion, beauty, and apparel, making ORDNUR the perfect platform to share your insights and products. We’ve built a community of like-minded individuals who turn to us for the latest trends, tips, and reviews in these industries.

Write for Us: Fashion and Beauty

Contributing to Ordnur offers numerous benefits, both for seasoned writers and those new to the scene:

  1. High Domain and Page Authority: Ordnur’s website holds a Domain Rating of 28, Domain Authority of 36, and Page Authority of 43. When your content is published here, it gains authority by association, which can positively impact your own website’s SEO.
  2. Vast Organic Reach: With 90% of our traffic coming from organic searches, your guest post has the potential to reach a wide and engaged audience interested in fashion, beauty, and apparel.
  3. Quick Article Indexing: We’re Google News approved, ensuring that your article gets indexed rapidly and becomes accessible to a broad readership.
  4. Diverse Readership: Ordnur has cultivated a diverse readership of fashion and beauty enthusiasts, providing you with the opportunity to connect with a range of potential readers and customers.
  5. Strengthen Your Online Presence: Guest posting on Ordnur allows you to build your online presence and establish yourself as an authority in your niche. Share your knowledge, experiences, and insights to gain recognition.
  6. Engage with a Passionate Community: Our readers are passionate about fashion, beauty, and apparel. When you contribute, you become part of a thriving community where you can engage with like-minded individuals and receive valuable feedback.

Submission Guidelines and Requirements:

To ensure the quality and relevance of content on Ordnur, we’ve put together some straightforward guidelines:

  • Minimum Word Count: Articles should be a minimum of 750 words. We encourage in-depth exploration of topics to provide readers with valuable insights.
  • Unique Content: We value originality. All submissions must be unique and not published elsewhere. Plagiarized content will not be accepted.
  • Quick Turnaround: We pride ourselves on efficiency. Your articles will be published within 24 hours, allowing you to quickly share your insights with our audience.
  • Formatting and Structure: While we don’t enforce strict formatting rules, well-organized and easy-to-read articles are appreciated. Use headings, subheadings, and bullet points where appropriate to enhance readability.
  • Quality Visuals: If your article can benefit from images, infographics, or other visuals, feel free to include them. Visuals can enhance the reader’s experience.
  • Link Policy: We accept both sponsored and non-sponsored guest posts. However, sponsored posts should include a sponsor tag. We also allow link insertions into existing posts. Additional links within the article are possible for an extra fee of $30 per link.
  • Copyright and Ownership: By submitting your content to Ordnur, you grant us the right to use, edit, and distribute the content on our platform. However, you retain ownership of the content.

Pricing and Payment Details:

Our pricing structure is designed to be transparent and competitive:

  • Paid Guest Post with a Single Do-follow Link: $60 (excluding writing fees).
  • Paid Guest Post with a Single Do-follow Link (Including Writing Fees): $80.
  • Additional Do-follow Links: $30 per link.
  • Banner Ads: $180 for six months.

Payment Methods and Terms

  • We exclusively accept payments through PayPal, ensuring a secure and convenient transaction process.
  • While we prefer advance payment for guest posts, we understand that some contributors may prefer payment after their article is live. We’re flexible and accommodating to your needs.

Prohibited Niches

To maintain the quality and integrity of our platform, we do not accept content related to:

  • Casino
  • Gambling
  • CBD
  • Vapes
  • Dating

We believe in providing our readers with valuable, informative, and safe content.

Contact Information:

We’re eager to hear from you and discuss your guest post ideas or any inquiries you may have. Please reach out to us at [email protected] for prompt and efficient communication. We prioritize email correspondence to ensure clear and effective communication.

Conclusion & Call to Action

Ordnur welcomes you to join our growing community of fashion and beauty enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or a newcomer with fresh perspectives, we invite you to share your knowledge and creativity with our readers.

Together, we can continue to inspire, educate, and celebrate the world of fashion and beauty. Your platform awaits at Ordnur. Get in touch today and let your voice be heard in the world of fashion and beauty!

By becoming a part of the ORDNUR community, you’re taking a significant step toward reaching a wider audience, building your online presence, and making a meaningful impact in the fashion and beauty industry. We look forward to partnering with you on this exciting journey.

How to Submit Fashion Guest Post: A Comprehensive Guide

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Write for Us: Fashion and Beauty Enthusiasts, Your Platform Awaits!
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