8 Ways to Tailored Pants Pockets for Men

Pants without pockets? Not a chance. Pockets are an integral part of your pants or trousers. Pockets are the part of your outfit that would be showing so make sure to get modish pockets tailored. The world is progressing uninterruptedly in the field of fashion and the fashion industry is chiefly dominated by women’s fashion but men’s fashion is unique in its style. Men can enhance the outlook of the attire by accentuating the details, like the pants’ pockets.

8 Ways to Tailored Pants Pockets for Men

Ways to Tailored Pants Pockets

One way to embellish your outfit is to get some in vogue pockets tailored. Here are some distinct styles of pants pockets that are tailored to men’s pants.

Cargo Pockets

 A cargo pocket is a large pocket with accordion folds. It is secured with a flap and is very useful as it has a comparatively large capacity to hold things in. You can easily fit your mp3 player and earphones in them. It is made up of hard, synthetic, and ruggedly stitched fabric. These pockets are stitched outside of the garment which includes bottoms like military-style cargo pants or jogger pants. They are designed for doing some tough exercise or for workout purposes. Pant trouser is also an essential piece of clothing for the cold snap.

Embroidered Pockets

Pockets are a perfect place to showcase your design and everyone tends to have a knack for artistry. So, you can exhibit your skills by embroidering your pockets with vibrant threads or one tone threads of your choice. This will make your bottom piece unique to others and modish at the same time. With a little scheming and crafting, one can make a simple pocket turn out into something artistic and aesthetic or you may call it your masterpiece.

Top Stitch Pockets

Everyone is familiar with the topstitch pockets. These are designed in such a way that the pockets are stitched from the outside creating a decent and appealing look for your pants. This stitching helps the pocket to stay in place and supports them. Along with this function, the topstitch can also be made decorative. It displays great finesse and a classy look. This type is one of the most tailored pockets and the easiest to sew.

Slant Pockets 

One of the most common pocket styles in men’s pants today, slant pockets are tilted pockets that start from the waist of the pants to the side seam which is the opening of the pocket. It is also called the angled pocket or the inserted seam pocket. The person wearing pants with these pockets is easily able to slide his hands into his pockets, which most of the men do while their picture is being clicked. These inseam pockets are usually tailored in suit pants.

The Coin Pockets 

The fifth pocket of the pant is the coin pocket which is sewn inside the front right pocket. It was initially made for holding and securing the watch and is also called the watch pocket. But gradually the size became smaller and it became less functional. Now it has reduced to a very small size and is called a coin pocket or even, secret pocket. Tiny things like coins, mint, chip, or a sim card, etc can be kept in this pocket.

Coin Pocket of Jeans Pant

Frogmouth Pockets 

Frogmouth pockets are so-called because of their close resemblance to a frog’s mouth. They are the alternative of side slant pockets and are usually found in trousers. Apart from keeping our money, mobile, and many other accessories, it helps keep your hands warm. It is considered a refined gentleman’s tailoring. It is a front side pocket with a comparatively wider opening and also used as a substitute for slant pockets.

Back Pockets 

Back pocket of pants

These are the pockets tailored at the backside of the jeans or trousers. There are usually two pockets but often you will find a single pocket too. Like other pockets, back pockets are also used for carrying things which are mostly wallets, mobiles, or any card they have with themselves. Since, they are stitched at the back of the pants they should be comfortable, for instance, if you add a zipper on it then it might bring discomfort to you so it is suggested to keep them as simple as they can be. Embroidery or fabric painting can best accentuate them.

Flap Pockets

These type of men’s tailored pants pockets have a rectangular or triangular flap on the mouth of the pocket. It has round edges. This style is quite decent if you want to go for a normal look or it even fits the modest casual look you are wanting for your everyday outings. The flap of fabric can be kept out or can be tucked inside the pocket for a more streamlined and sleeker look. These flap pockets are usually buttoned which helps to secure things in it. You will find them at the back of the suit pants and in front of the combat pants. They are also called patch pockets.

8 Ways to Tailored Pants Pockets for Men

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