Garments Test Requirements of Buyer

Garments Test Requirements of Buyer

To ensure consumer product safety, wearability, garments quality, strength, and another requirement of buyers, the garments test is done as a buyer requirement. The test is conducted in full garments form not in fabric form, safety is very much important for children’s garments. The garments test is done in a buyer laboratory or in third-party laboratories or any nominated laboratories. The main objective of garments is to check consumer rights and safety of a product, which is ensured by the test report. The garments test report is mandatory for every garment lot, without passing it shipment is not allowed. The cost of a test depends on the type of test you are asking. Garments testing criteria may little bit vary buyer to buyer but it is a mandatory requirement for all garments manufacturer. So as a garments maker you need to be careful about all garments test requirements of buyers otherwise you may lose your valuable customer. Another thing is, a good quality control system may give you the right product.

Garments Test Requirements of Buyer

List of Test Required for Garments

For your better understanding, I made a list of test normally required for garments which are asked by the garments buyers.

  1. Fiber content
  2. Care instruction
  3. Dimensional Stability To Home Laundering
  4. Distortion After Washing
  5. Appearance After 3 Washes
  6. Fabric Weight
  7. Tensile Strength
  8. Tear Strength
  9. Seam Strength / Slippage
  10. Color Fastness To Crocking
  11. Color Fastness To Ozone
  12. pH Value
  13. Dimensional Stability To Home Laundering
  14. Distortion After Washing
  15. Appearance After Washing
  16. Falling-Pendulum Type (Digital Elmendorf) Tester
  17. Colorfastness To Crocking
  18. Colorfastness To Ozone
  19. the pH of The Water-Extract from Wet Processed Textiles
  20. Restricted substance list
  21. Sharp materials

Hopefully, this information will be helpful, If you need any detail information then please let me know. I will try to give you the required information.

Garments test requirement of Buyer pdf

Garments Test Requirements of Buyer

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