Tips for Applying Foundation to Oily or Dry Skin

If you have oily or dry skin, applying foundation can be quite a challenge. Even if you buy top-quality foundations, you cannot pull off the perfect look unless you know how to apply the foundation correctly. Today, we will talk about how to apply foundation to oily or dry skin. Before doing so, let’s talk about something else but equally important.

Applying Foundation to Oily or Dry Skin

How to Buy the Best Face Foundation

Unfortunately, people still end up buying low-quality or counterfeit foundations. It is not only a waste of money but such products can seriously damage your skin. On top of it, your foundation may ruin your look which can dent your confidence. Counterfeit products are a real issue in countries like Pakistan.

So, if you are living in such a country, the best way to buy foundation or any other product is by:

1. Google Search

The first thing you need to do is go to Google and search for keywords like best foundation in Pakistan’, ‘best primer in Pakistan’, ‘best makeup products in Pakistan’ or anything similar. The purpose is to get search results for online makeup stores in Pakistan. You can even limit your search to a specific city.

2. Make a List

Next, make a list of the top 10 stores which you perceive as reliable. We don’t recommend using the top ten links alone. Instead, search around using different keywords when compiling this list.

3. Search for the Products

After compiling the list, open each store. Search for the product you need. If you cannot find it, then discard the store and move towards the next one. It will help you trim the list.

4. Reviews

If you find the product you need, then read the review reviews for it. Don’t rely on Google reviews alone as there is a high probability of fake reviews. Instead, do a little digging around on social media sites and read customer comments on the website. It will help you assess if the store is truly legit.

5. Comparison

The final step is to compare the product with the manufacturer’s original product listing. Check the ingredients, packaging type, logos, and everything else which can help you discern whether the product is legit. If everything is the same, proceed to the checkout phase.

Now, let’s get back to our topic.

Applying Foundation for Dry Skin

1. Exfoliate

The first step is to exfoliate as it helps you remove the dead skin cells. Dry skin looks worse due to the build of dead skin cells. Don’t worry as it is a natural process, meaning there’s nothing wrong with you or your skin. Exfoliate twice a week for the best results.

2. Moisturise

The next step is to apply a moisturizer. As dry skin lacks moisturizer, you need to hydrate it. You can do so by drinking a good amount of water daily. If time is of the essence, go for a rich moisturizer. Leave it on for at least ten minutes before proceeding to the next step. You can find top-quality moisturizers in reliable stores such as the GuruApp Online Store or Makeup City.

3. Primer

Do not underestimate the importance of a primer. It helps your makeup stay in place, allowing you to pull off a perfect look throughout the day. People with dry skin should use a hydrating primer.

4. Dewy Foundation

The next step is to select the foundation. Remember, dry skin is not compatible with power or matte foundations. So, avoid all costs. Instead, go for a foundation with a dewy or satin finish. Such foundations contain hyaluronic acid which has a hydrating effect. What most people don’t know is that dewy foundations have light-reflective optics. How does it help? This quality brightens your skin and helps even your skin tone.

Applying Foundation to Oily Skin

1. Cleanse the Face

The first step is to cleanse the face which is similar to exfoliating for dry skin. However, don’t use an exfoliator. Instead, go for micellar water which is a skincare product that helps remove impurities and excess oil. You don’t need to wash your face after using this product. We recommend pouring a little amount of micellar water on a cotton pad and then gently rubbing it across your face.

2. Hydrate Yourself

People with oily skin need to apply a hydrating solution just like those with dry skin. The only difference is the products. There are hydrating products that prevent excessive oil build-up and contain Vitamin C which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

3. Primer

Without a primer, your makeup will melt before you even reach the destination. So, apply a face primer before moving toward the foundation. Again, go for a face primer that is specifically for oily skin.

4. Eyes and Lips

Apply the primer to your eyelids and the area around your lips. Most people tend to ignore the two areas which can ruin their entire look.

5. Power Foundation

If you have oily skin, go for a foundation with a matte powder finish. People believe that such foundations don’t offer durability but that’s not the case. Nowadays, matte powder finish foundations give the same durability and coverage as any other foundation.

6. Clay Mask

Although it is not a part of the foundation-applying process, people with oily skin must use a clay mask regularly. It will help remove impurities and excess oil. On top of it, it can refresh your face, boosting your confidence.


It concludes our views on the top tips for applying foundation to oily or dry skin. Remember, both skin types are different, and you should not use products that are incompatible with your skin. If you have persistent dry or oily skin, it is wise to consult a skin specialist. They can help you diagnose the underlying causes of your skin issues and help you resolve them. Don’t worry as in most cases, minor changes to your lifestyle or at-home solutions can help you fix the skin issues.

Tips for Applying Foundation to Oily or Dry Skin
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