The Last Backpack You’ll Need

From the gym to the conference room, backpacks can be found in just about every setting. Some people have multiple backpacks and designate each bag for a single purpose. Others have to replace their backpacks frequently due to wear-and-tear or outgrowing a style. With a smartly designed black backpack, you can simplify your life and have just one versatile and durable bag that suits all your needs.

The Last Backpack You'll Need

Not Your Average Backpack

When you think of backpacks, you may reminisce about school days when your bag was overstuffed with heavy textbooks and the straps were digging into your shoulders. Designers have learned a few things since then, and the backpack has gotten a bit of a glow-up. New styles maintain the recognizable shape of a traditional backpack but with enhanced features, including:

  • Quality materials like cotton and vegan leather
  • Hidden pockets (lots of them!)
  • Cushy shoulder straps
  • Key leashes
  • Trolley pass-throughs

These upgrades increase comfort and functionality while also upping the fashion factor, creating the ideal backpack.

Of Course It’s Laptop-Friendly

No more clunky, unattractive laptop bags. Treat yourself to a backpack that is slim yet deceivingly spacious. If you commute or travel frequently for work, you’ll need a backpack with a padded sleeve to secure your laptop. A tech-friendly bag ensures you can work and stay connected from virtually anywhere.

Not Necessarily Only In Black

Black is a classic, but if it doesn’t quite suit your style, look for a backpack with additional color options. Many backpack styles come in a variety of colors, including neutrals, pastels and earth tones. Go for a timeless hue like beige, or mix it up by choosing a shade of a more distinct color like pink. 

Everything’s Better With Pockets

More is more when it comes to pockets in backpacks. Pockets create mini zones in your bag so you can protect your valuables and keep items organized and accessible.

Many backpack styles include pockets designed for a specific item like a water bottle. Often these are exterior side pockets but some designs let you tuck and zip pockets for a sleeker look.

Travel Has Never Been So Easy

Whether you’re day-tripping or jet-setting across the country, a well-designed backpack is your best travel companion. For shorter getaways, you can use your multi-pocketed bag to store all of your trip essentials — toiletries, wallet and even several outfits. Imagine the joy of packing only one bag.

In case you’re still not convinced of its efficiency, keep in mind that a standard-size backpack meets the carry-on requirements for most major airlines, meaning you can avoid added fees and skip the wait at baggage claim. A bag that saves you time and money? Yes, please!

Longer trips may warrant larger luggage like a suitcase. Luckily, backpacks play well with others. Pick a design that has a trolley pass-through. This handy little feature allows you to secure your backpack to your suitcase so you can maneuver effortlessly through a bustling airport.

One single backpack to carry you (or at least your things) through the day is a game-changer. Choose from a collection of backpacks that are stylish, functional and well-made. You’ve got this in the bag!

The Last Backpack You’ll Need
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