Is Organic Cotton The Best Sustainable Fabric Choice For You?

Organic Cotton The Best Sustainable Fabric Choice For You

In the push for sustainability, many people are successfully inventing new materials in order to make clothing more sustainable. Innovative new fabric creations such as ECOVERO, Piñatex, Bananatex, and Apple Leather are now dominating the sustainable fabric industry.

Organic Cotton The Best Sustainable Fabric Choice

Sustainable scientists and creators have worked together to create these new eco-friendly fabrics that don’t harm the planet. Soon, polyester will be a thing of the past!

However, going back to the drawing board and rethinking and reinventing traditional fabrics can also help when it comes to making fashion more sustainable. Cotton has been used in clothing for centuries now, however, non-organic cotton can be very harmful to the planet. However, even though cotton is a plant, it is bad for the environment. Non-organic cotton is notorious for its use of pesticides and fertilizers in order to meet demand. It also needs a lot of water to be able to grow properly and meet the high demand for cotton. However, organic cotton does not need as much water and does not use harmful pesticides, and is far more sustainable for the planet. But how is organic cotton more sustainable, and is it the best sustainable fabric choice for you?

Helps To Combat Climate Change

The farmers that produce organic cotton contribute to climate change significantly less than those who produce non-organic cotton. Because they use natural methods to make organic cotton grow, they do not use fossil-fuel-based fertilizers. By doing this, they create healthy soil which holds water for much longer. They also don’t use synthetic pesticides, so organic cotton farming isn’t harmful to the Earth or the local water supplies. If you want to help in the fight against climate change, organic cotton may be one of the best choices for you.

Protects Water Resources

As aforementioned, organic cotton farming produces better soil which retains more water, meaning you use less water during production. This is so much better for the environment than other fabrics, which can use up to 70 liters of water in production! Organic cotton farming also doesn’t damage nearby lakes, rivers, and reservoirs, which can sometimes happen with other forms of fabric production. It’s important that as a society that should be pushing for more sustainable practices, we protected our planet’s precious water supply. Instead of using fabrics that use a high amount of water, try organic fabrics such as organic cotton.

Helps Farmers

In the push for sustainability, we should also aim to protect the workers in the fashion industry. Organic cotton farmers report that it is a lot easier for them to farm cotton organically for a myriad of different reasons. Firstly, because the soil is a lot healthier, it allows their farm to grow other crops. This is imperative for securing their livelihoods. Organic soil also allows local wildlife to thrive and doesn’t disrupt vital ecosystems, which is important for cultivating a healthy planet. Organic cotton farming allows farmers to grow a more diverse range of crops which allows them to have another source of income, further supporting the farming community. Organic cotton farmers also reuse their seeds every year instead of using genetically modified seeds, meaning they interact with the environment in a more meaningful way.

Doesn’t Use Harmful Pesticides

Harmful synthetic pesticides are one of the worst parts of non-organic farming and have a very significant detrimental effect on the environment. These pesticides can poison local water and damage vital ecosystems, which can be catastrophic for the local environment. They are also harmful to the workers that use them. Encouraging abandoning these harmful pesticides is one of the best things you can do in order to protect the planet, so buying organic cotton is one of the best ways you can ‘vote with your feet.’ By buying fabrics that don’t use harmful pesticides, you will be encouraging abandoning this practice.

Remember To Look For Organic Manufacturing

Organic manufacturing is also important to look for when you need to buy sustainable clothing. Organic doesn’t just refer to how cotton is grown, it needs to be manufactured in a sustainable way as well. Organic manufacturing also means that worker’s rights are protected and working conditions are safe and hygienic. It also means that dyes and inks that have a low impact on the environment are used, and wastewater is treated properly.

There are many things you can look for in order to tell if your clothes are fully organic. Labels are included in all clothing, in everything from going out dresses to work trousers. By checking the labels of your clothes before you buy them, you can look for internationally used organic logos. Before you buy from a brand, look on the website for these logos.

Organic cotton is one of the best sustainable fabric choices on the market today and uses traditional materials in an eco-friendly and sustainable way. If you’re truly passionate about saving the planet, organic cotton is one of the best sustainable fabric options you can get. 

Is Organic Cotton The Best Sustainable Fabric Choice For You?
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