Organic yarns: what to know about them?

Are you a fan of all organic things? We feel the same way! From organic cotton yarn to wool, there’s something for everyone! Organic Yarn[…]

Overview of Modern Auto Cone Winding Machine

An Overview of Modern Auto Cone Winding Machine Auto cone is a modern yarn winding machine. It is used to prepare a bigger package from[…]

Indirect Yarn Count System

Yarn Count There is a nice definition of yarn count according to textiles institute of UK, “a count is a number of indicating the mass[…]

Yarn Count

the Direct Yarn Numbering (Yarn Count) System The count is a numerical value which is used to express the fineness or coarseness of the yarn.[…]

The Combed Yarn Manufacturing Process

The combed yarn manufacturing process is followed by the combing process. This yarn is finer than carded yarn. Generally combing produced 60 counts or more[…]

Calculation of Yarn English Count

Calculation of Yarn English Count English Count English count indicates how many hanks of 840 yards length weigh one pound. That means if count 40[…]

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