Garments Quality Standard

Garments Quality Standard Garments Quality Standard is now one of the most important factors that need to be maintained because people are now more conscious about the quality of garments. The quality standards may vary from company to company, market to market, but there is some common quality standard that all garments always try to[…]

Pattern Making in Garments

The pattern is a hard paper which is made by following each individual component for a style of garments. The appearance and fit of garments are highly dependent on each process. In the development of a garment pattern making is one of the most important steps. Pattern Making in Garments Depends on The skill of[…]

Difference Between Tailor and Garment

Difference between Tailor and Garment The garment can be made both in the tailor and in the garments industry. What is the basic difference between these two ways of the garment manufacturing process? Here mentioning the difference between the tailor and garments. Tailor In tailors, it takes 1 or 2 people to make a garment.[…]

Process Sequence of Fabric Cutting

In garments manufacturing fabric, cutting means to cut out the garment’s pieces from lays of the fabric with the help of cutting template or marker. Cutting is one of the major steps to make a complete garment. For cutting of fabric generally, the marker is applied to the top ply of a lay. Process Sequence[…]

Manufacturing Process of Garments Sample

How to Make Garments Sample Today I am going to discuss the manufacturing process of the garments sample. Sample section is a very important section of the garments industry. Garments styling mainly engaged with design, cutting or sewing which is done in the sample section as buyer’s requirement. Manufacturing Process of Garments Sample Now I[…]

Famous Denim Brand in the World

Denim can be considered as the staple garment of the world as all of the people irrespective of their location, age, gender, and status own a pair of jeans or two. It’s hard to find a wardrobe where there are no denim products in it. Europe, America, or Asia, denim is the most common casually[…]

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