8 Ways to Tailored Pants Pockets for Men

Pants without pockets? Not a chance. Pockets are an integral part of your pants or trousers. Pockets are the part of your outfit that would[…]

10 Comfy Lounge Outfits to WFH in Style

If anyone thought that fashion would stop while the whole world was put on hold during the Covid-19 pandemic, they were mistaken! A quick Instagram[…]

12 Qualities of a Fashion Designer

12 Qualities of a Fashion Designer The fashion designer is the key person responsible for bringing stylish clothing. Although the style is based on region,[…]

Qualities of a Fashion Merchandiser

Qualities of a Fashion Merchandiser In the early days of human history, people were not concern about fashion. But with the improvement of living standards[…]

Traditional Dress Lungi

The Traditional Dress Lungi The Lungi is a traditional dress mainly worn by men & women in South Asia. It is commonly worn by the[…]

Pocket for Dress Shirt

An Overview of Pocket for Dress Shirt Shirt Pocket: A pocket is one of the basic components of a shirt. There are different types of pocket[…]

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