12 Qualities of a Fashion Designer

12 Qualities of a Fashion Designer

The fashion designer is the key persons responsible for bringing stylish clothing. Although the style is based on region, culture, religion, and individual choices. But there are many things, a fashion designer can offer by using their creative mind. Many people born with a talent for designing. And many people learn through the academic process. You may find several institutions around the world who are offering fashion designing degree. To become a successful fashion designer, you will be required special qualifications. Either you born with these qualifications or you adopt from different means. According to our research if you want to become a fashion designer then you will be required to have 12 Qualities of a Fashion Designer. A fashion designer can also work as a fashion merchandiser.

12 Qualities of a Fashion Designer

  1. Understand Fashion Trends
  2. Good Communication Skills
  3. Ability to Critically Think
  4. Ability to Visualize
  5. Proper Fabric Knowledge
  6. Good Sense of Color
  7. Expert of Drawing
  8. Efficient Operator of Computer
  9. Creative Mind
  10. Knowledge of Sourcing of Materials
  11. Ability to Perfectly Measure
  12. Good Presentation Skill

Qualities of Successful Fashion Designer

A successful fashion designer goes through many critical processes and attains some core qualifications which actually works behind their success.

Understand Fashion Trends

Trends in fashion always changing which is part of our lifestyle. As a fashion designer, you must concern and keep an update of change in fashion trends around the world. So that you can develop your own ideas and design. Offering fashionable clothing based on market demand is a challenging task. If you can successfully provide a design which meets the expectation of your apparel items, then you must get appreciation.

Good Communication Skills

Whatever you do, communication is necessary. Good communication not only helps to interconnect but also manage business dealings. As a fashion designer, you may have to communicate with your customers, wholesaler, retailers, outlets, fashion house etc. Both oral and written communication is required for a fashion designer.

Ability to Critically Think

A critical thinker always tries to bring new design, ideas. Successful ideas actually push the market trends of fashionable cloth. For a successful fashion designer, it is required to have the qualities of critical thinking. Always think out of the box so that new things may generate. So that marketers can offer new stylish garments items.

Ability to Visualize

For the fashion show, or for designing store layout, visualization of ideas and then implement accordingly is one of the key tasks of a fashion designer. A successful fashion designer has the ability to visualize. Visual effect generates more customer attraction.

Proper Fabric Knowledge

Without fabric, you cannot make any cloth. So the first thing is you need to collect your required fabric. Proper knowledge of fabric has you to identify and select the right fabric for your cloth. You may acquire knowledge of fabric from the export who always deals with fabric. At the time of buying fabric it is required to select the right materials otherwise your garments item may not give your expected comfort.

Good Sense of Color

Color is one of the main factors which actually attract the customer. Color may vary according to the season, occasion, taste, and gender. Before making a fashionable cloth you need to keep in mind all these factors otherwise your objective may not be fulfilled.

Fashion Designing Drawing

Expert of Drawing

Fashion designer always works with a new design; before final design, they work with the sketch. As a fashion designer if you can draw whatever you want then it will add extra value to your other qualifications. Through practice, you can be an expert at drawing anything.

Efficient Operator of Computer

The new different software is available for designing cloth or drawing sketch. Good knowledge of computer and designing application software will make your job easier. You can use adobe illustrator, Autodesk or any other applications.

Creative Mind

Your Creative mind will help you to develop a new product which may create enormous demand in the market. Ultimately you will gain because of your demand. So if you are planning to become a fashion designer, first of all, think whether you have a creative mind or not, then decide what you should become.

Knowledge of Sourcing of Materials

To make your fashionable cloth you will be required to source and collect fabric, trims and accessories and any other materials. So proper knowledge of these think should be there otherwise your garments will be as good as you were thinking. Also, the cost of your fashionable cloth will be increased which is not expected. Based on your least cost fashionable cloth your market demand will dependent.

Ability to Perfectly Measure

A good finish product depends on the proper cutting of fabric and for proper cutting, a perfect measurement is required. So as a fashion designer you need to have the ability to perfectly measure each and every component of making a dress.

Good Presentation Skill

After making fashionable cloth if you are interested to offer it for the customer or you want to attend a fashion show then you must have a good presentation skill of presenting your products to the audiences. A better presentation skill will make your product more attractive and people will order your design.

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Md. Nahian Mahmud Shaikat

Qualities of a Fashion Merchandiser

Qualities of a Fashion Merchandiser

In the early days of human history, people were not concern about fashion. But with the improvement of living standard around the world people are becoming fashion conscious. People are ready to pay a higher price for a fashionable dress. But the question is how we can make a fashionable dress and how we can meet customer’s desire through delivering the right product. Here the responsibility goes to the fashion merchandisers and the person who is responsible for merchandising of fashionable dress is known as a fashion merchandiser. To become a successful fashion merchandiser a merchandiser, need to have qualities of a fashion merchandiser which may help to deliver the right product to the right customer at the right place for a right price and by this process business of fashionable dress expanding.

Qualities of a Fashion Merchandiser

The demand for fashion merchandiser is increasing over the years in the Indian subcontinental areas. People have more desire for fashionable clothes that’s why fashion merchandising getting preference. Near future, this will create a huge job opportunity. So this is the right time to take a degree in fashion designing and apparel merchandising.

Difference Between Apparel Merchandising and Fashion Merchandising

The main difference between apparel merchandising and fashion merchandising is, fashion merchandising is a specific area of apparel merchandising. Where fashion merchandiser focus is only a part of that specific area. Although if you consider the functional qualities the job is more or less similar. But here the sense of fashion is more focused rather than normal apparel goods.

Qualifications Required to be a Fashion Merchandiser

To become a fashion merchandiser, you need to have knowledge of fashion, fashion designing and how it works. If you have a good perception of fashion trends, then you can be a better fashion merchandiser. It will add value if you have merchandising and fashion designing degree.

List of Qualities of a Fashion Merchandiser

To become a successful fashion merchandiser, you need to have the following qualities

  1. Ability to Communicate
  2. The Ability to Understand Fashion Trends
  3. Ability to Convince People
  4. Ability to Visualize Market Needs
  5. Ability to Analyze
  6. Ability to Negotiate
  7. Knowledge of Costing
  8. Ability to Apply Creativity
  9. Language Skills
  10. Active Learner
  11. Being Self Motivated
  12. Ability to Work Under Pressure
  13. Team Player
  14. Think Out of the Box
  15. Ability to Meet Customer Satisfaction

Ability to Communicate

The first thing is a merchandiser need to have good communication skill because in every stage of merchandising a communication media is required. Communication can be oral, written, or digital communication. Fashion merchandiser should be smart enough to deliver the message clearly.

The Ability to Understand Fashion Trends

As a fashion merchandiser, you need to understand fashion trends. How current trends are moving and what can be in the future. So it is necessary to collect all the information related to that particular fashion you are working with. Although the apparel industry is huge, it is better to work in a particular field so that you can focus accordingly. To become successful in the fashion industry as a merchandiser this quality of understanding fashion trends is must. Because the better you understand the trends then better you will work to deliver. In this case, fashion merchandisers have to have the trait of pro-activeness.

Ability to Convince People

Merchandiser always works for the convincing of their clients. You can use a different strategy to convince because it varies from person to person, company to company. Convince about the design of cloth, price offering and finally induce to buy that particular product from you. This is also one of the key qualities of fashion merchandiser.

Ability to Visualize Market Needs

Based on market needs, we want to meet the desirability of the customer. Market needs of fashionable dress are influenced by the season and occasional change. So as a fashion merchandiser you need to be careful about the market needs.

Ability to Analyze

Analyze each and every factor which is related to the merchandising of goods. The better you understand the better you will be able to deliver to the customer. For understanding what the customer is demanding and what you have to meet that demand if you are able to analyze the situation quickly then you can deliver the service quickly.

Ability to Negotiate

Your employer always wants from you that you will get a competitive price of your fashionable cloth. So as a fashion merchandiser you must work as a good negotiator. If a person has this quality, the owner of that fashion clothes will generate much profit for their company.

Knowledge of Costing

Before offering a price you need to know the costing of that fashion products. Every time you cannot get other people to support so it will be better for you if you have enough knowledge of cost. I think there will not be much problem if you understand the costing method properly because the costing method will remain the same but the amount will vary.

Ability to Apply Creativity

In fashion designing creativity brings success. A fashion merchandiser needs to be creative to apply creative ideas for getting more buyers attention. Creativity is the outcome of creative ideas and it is generated from a creative mind. As a fashion merchandiser, you will have more scope to apply your own creativity.

Language Skills

As a fashion merchandiser, you need to communicate with different parties. If you have a good language skill of a different region, then you may get extra benefit from it.

Active Learner

One of the key qualities of a successful fashion merchandiser is an active learner. Active learner person basically learns fast and apply their learning for selling the merchandise. This behavior also helps to improve the knowledge and skill of an individual.

Being Self Motivated

If you are self-motivated then no one can stop, you from what you want to do. As a fashion merchandiser, it is not necessarily that every time you become one of the top successful people. Sometimes you may not be successful but if you learn from your previous experience and motivated by your own then definitely success is yours.

Ability to Work Under Pressure

Everyone cannot work under pressure. If you can work under pressure, then you have the quality of becoming a successful fashion merchandiser.

Team Player

A team player has the advantage of working together. You may learn a lot of things from the members of a team. If you work in a fashion house as a merchandiser, then definitely you will be required to work with your team.

Think Out of the Box

The new idea came when you think out of the box. A new idea can bring a new fashion and a new fashion can bring success to a fashion merchandiser. Critically thinking is not bad if critical thinking generates new ideas.

Ability to Meet Customers Expectation

Merchandiser always works for the purpose of meeting customer expectation. So you must be able to provide what your customer is desiring from you and your product. The more you meet customer demand the more your customer will grow and become loyal towards your fashion brand which is one of the pre-condition of becoming a successful fashion merchandiser.

After reading this hopefully, you already understood what are the qualities are required to become a successful fashion merchandiser.

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Md. Nahian Mahmud Shaikat

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Traditional Dress Lungi

The Traditional Dress Lungi

The Lungi is a traditional dress mainly worn by men & women in South Asia. It is commonly worn by the people around the waist in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand, and Malaysia as a traditional dress lungi. Normally men wore this dress for its comfort but we can see that tribe women also worn Lungi. The origin of Lungi can be traced back in south India where this dress is worn for thousands of years.

In Bangladesh, most of the men wear Lungi when they at home. It is very popular where the heat and humidity create an unpleasant climate for other dress like pent, pajama or trouser. This dress is comfortable because it is made of a tube/ skirt. This is a kind of loin cloth, stitched, unlike a dhoti resembles a skirt which upper borders is tucked into the waist after tying single or multiple knots.

Different sizes of Lungi can be found in the market for adult 115 cm in height and 200 cm in length is available, for kids aged below 8 years Lungi also available and for teenager’s average size Lungi can be found. Both cotton and silk lungi is available in the market but people prefer cotton lungi to wear.

Lungi mainly woven from cotton and price depends on the size, color, and quality of the product. Normally you can find a Lungi at tk150 but it is a lower quality product. A good quality Lungi can be bought for Tk 400. The more price the more the quality of cotton and design. If you go through in the market you can get a higher quality beautiful lungi at tk1200 to tk4000. In Bangladesh some famous brands of lungi, these are, ATM Lungi, standard lungi etc

Before industrialization, people knit Lungi by hand and handmade tools, and it basically took more time to make a lungi, but the quality of that product is higher because of the careful knitting by the knitter. When a lungi is designed by different color it basically required more time and energy than as usual. In Bangladesh sirajganj, kustia, Khulna is famous for Lungi production where many factories are producing lungi each year for meeting the demands of the customer. In Dhaka, a quality lungi is produced by the Ruhitpuri knitter.

Traditional Dress Lungi

Weaving Lungi

Now a day’s technology makes it easier to produce because of customized machinery. For producing lungi Knitter needs more than 2 days but now with the automated machine, it is possible to produce thousands of lungi within one day. Technology made it possible but if we want to have a quality lungi with the customized design then we have to use the old way of producing lungi by the knitter who knit lungi with passions. Knitters are the artist who innovates new design which is very lucrative.

Lungi Production Using Automated M

Lungi Production Using Automated Machine

The way people worn lungi is depended on the occasion and the region. For the occasion, people prefer white or cream color lungi, but for fashion, people prefer multi-color/ colorful lungi. Some people worn lungi short and some people ware it from waist to bottom. Labor/ worker basically worn it lower, in some cases they bend it so that they can work comfortably.

The Way People Wear Lungi

The Way People Wear Lungi

Lungi can be found in different colors like- single color, multi-color, butik print, and stripe. Normally old people like to wear white color Lungi on the other hand child or middle age people wear strip Lungi or single color Lungi.

different lungi types

Different Types of Lungi

different lungi style

Depending on the occasion a Lungi can be worn differently. It looks nice when many people wore the same dress and standing together. Now modes also using lungi to their ramp show because of its unique design and style. Last year an Indian movie song showing the lungi dance where models wore lungi and dance, they look very nice with this traditional dress lungi.

lungi worn at occasion

Lungi wore at Different Occasion

Tribe people, both male, and female also wear lungi on the normal and occasional cases.

So I think that because of its designs, popularity, and comfort Lungi is one of the most attractive traditional dresses found in the south Asian region. For this reason, we have to keep this tradition with us and let the world to know about our traditional dress Lungi.

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Pocket for Dress Shirt

An Overview of Pocket for Dress Shirt

Shirt Pocket: A pocket is one of the basic components of a shirt. There are different types of pocket which are used for a shirt even sometimes we see some shirt without a pocket. A pocket is used for bearing some light and essential things. Today I am going to introduce you some pocket for dress shirt which is mostly used for making a dress shirt.

pocket for dress shirt

Most pockets on a shirt are located on the left breast. The pocket of a shirt doesn’t really have a functional purpose. The main objective of a dress is style purpose. Never try to use your dress shirt for heavy storage purpose.

Different Types of Pocket for Shirt

    • Plain Pocket
    • Rounded pocket
    • Squared pocket
  • Hexagonal pocket

Today I am going to introduce you to some pocket which is mostly used for making a shirt.

Plain Pocket

plain pocket

Rounded pocketround pocket

Squared Pocketsquared pocket for dress shirt

Hexagonal Pocket

hexagonal pocket

You can use any pocket plain, rounded, squared, Round or Hexagonal pocket. But if you want more depth than you can try plain pocket for your dress shirt.

Among all these pocket types, round pocket and the hexagonal pocket is more popular among the teenager and executives.

Written By

Engineer Sheikh Nurja

B.Sc engineer of textile