What to Do with Your Old Denim Shirt Without Sewing?

Denim is a fabric that is everyone’s favorite and never gets out of fashion. From a simple jacket to a pair of pants, denim outfits can let you put your best foot forward, and your fashionista-self can steal all the limelight and turn heads. If styling is done right, your denim outfit can also fall[…]

Easy Tricks to Sew Denim at Home

Denim may appear just as a fabric but for many of us this fabric is more of affiliation. From celebrities to common people around the globe this fabric is one of the most widely used fabric, not recently but since 90s. Retro styling also constitutes Denim and is in trend too. Nowadays, people can be[…]

Current Scenario of Denim Market of Bangladesh

Current Scenario of Denim Market of Bangladesh and SWOT Analysis Worldwide denim product demand created the opportunity for the denim sector in Bangladesh. Here we will try to show what is the Current Scenario of Denim Market of Bangladesh and SWOT analysis and how our business opportunity is growing. According to managing director of Denim expert ltd., Currently Bangladesh has 31 denim[…]

Denim Manufacturing Process, Types and uses [updated]

What is Denim? Denim is a special type of fabric made from 100% cotton fiber or sometimes denim is blended with spandex and polyester. Denim is manufactured by twill weave. Jeans’ products are made from denim fabric. It is highly used for long-lasting usability, comfort, and style. Many people ask me what is denim fabric[…]

Different Parts of Jeans Pant with Picture

In this article, you will learn about different parts of jeans pants as well as parts of a basic pant. Parts of Jeans Pant Pant is one of the common forms of garments which ware by both male and female to cover waist to lower part of our body. Although jeans are one type of[…]

Present Situation of Denim Business in Bangladesh

What is the Present Situation of Denim Business in Bangladesh Before discussing the Present Situation of Denim Business in Bangladesh let have some idea of global market trends of denim. Global Market Trend of Denim Since the commencement, the worldwide market of denim remains evergreen. Centuries ago, denim had a limited usage but with the versatility of[…]

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