Temera, Luxochain, and Polygon Collaborate with Bulgari

Beyond Wonder is the first piece of jewelry made by Bulgari that is not made of precious metals. It is a work of art that goes beyond what can be seen and touched. At this important event, Beyond Wonder was shown by the Maison. This one-of-a-kind treasure is a bold reminder of how the Roman House always looks for new ideas and has a pioneering spirit. In this article you will have brief idea of how Temera, Luxochain, and Polygon Collaborate with Bulgari.

Temera, Luxochain, and Polygon Collaborate with Bulgari

Temera, Luxochain, and Polygon Collaborate with Bulgari

Bulgari will work with three of the largest blockchain companies: Temera, Luxochain, and Polygon.

Beyond Wonder is shown here along with the NFT, a blockchain platform used for digital payment. So, register now. artworks of the Ruby Metamorphosis and the Emerald Glory necklaces, which are two of the best pieces of High Jewellery. These necklaces are called the Ruby Metamorphosis and the Emerald Glory.

 Through Bulgari’s knowledge and ever-changing creative vision, the two digital artworks will only be sold with their physical twin necklace. This will make the link between High Jewellery and High Technology even stronger. This will make a perfect connection between High Jewellery and High Technology by bringing together the real and the abstract.

The “digital twins” of the necklaces that can be worn in the Metaverse are not exact copies of those necklaces. Instead, they are digital pieces of art that were inspired by the necklaces. Their information is saved on both the Polygon Blockchain and the Aura Blockchain.

With the help of Polygon Studios, Luxochain, an innovative company that is becoming a go-to for Fashion and Luxury, makes the NFTs. Temera, the leader in innovation-driven business journeys for Brands, made a digital experience that lets people get to them. Polygon Studios likes the idea, too, and wants to see it come to life.

The same group of people worked together to make the series. A QR code that can be used to open them is on the ratchet wheel of the barrel. The jewelry business has been slow to use Web3, while the watch business was one of the first to use this platform.

About Bulgari

In 1884, a jewelry store called Bulgari opened in Rome. It became part of the LVMH Group in the end. Bulgari is known as the great Roman jeweler who knows everything there is to know about colored stones. It is known all over the world for being beautiful and well-made.

Bulgari is also known as the master of colored stones. Due to the company’s huge success around the world, it has grown into a global provider of a wide range of luxury goods and services. The company now sells everything from high-end watches and accessories to fine jewelry and perfume. It also has the best network of shops and hotels in the best shopping districts in the world.

About Temera

Temera is a center of excellence that helps businesses find new ways to solve problems with the Internet of Things technologies like RFID (UHF NFC) and Blockchain. These solutions are made for the Fashion & Luxury sector and help with things like optimizing logistics and production processes, being able to track products, stopping counterfeiting, getting customers involved, and keeping track of distribution channels. Temera was started in 2014.

Since 2009, it has been used as the standard for Digital Passport Identification. Tamera has offices in both Europe and the United States and has read more than 650 million tags in more than 60 countries. Go to the official website to find out more.

About Luxochain

The main office of the Swiss company Luxochain is in the city of Lugano. The company is the best in the world at getting products certified and using blockchain technology. Our goal is to make the luxury market more sustainable, well-known, and real. We also want to make sure that only real things are sold. We will do this by giving each item a unique certificate of ownership and authenticity.

The Luxochain project wants to make people more aware of brands and fight the counterfeiting industry at the same time. Luxochain offers a service to its customers that makes sure the goods they buy from the company are safe. At the same time, it works with top companies to give them an openness and loyalty system, as well as customer statistics and information.

About Polygon

The Polygon is the best place to build Ethereum’s infrastructure and make it bigger. Polygon Studios wants to be the place where the most successful blockchain businesses in the world get their start. The goal of the Polygon Studios team is to help software engineers make decentralized applications using Polygon.

To do this, the team offers Web2 and Web3 teams a package of services, such as help for developers, partnerships, strategy, going to market, and technical integrations. Polygon Studios has worked on projects with OpenSea, Bulgari, Adidas, Draft Kings, Ubisoft, Decentral Games, and many others.

Temera, Luxochain, and Polygon Collaborate with Bulgari

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