Revolutionizing Textile Dyeing: The Innovative IR Lab Dyeing Machine

IR Lab Dyeing Machines

The textile sector, a pillar of global manufacturing, is constantly seeking new ways to improve efficiency, precision, and sustainability. One such breakthrough is the Infrared (IR) Lab Dyeing Machine, which is changing the way textile dyeing operations are carried out in laboratories and manufacturing facilities.

Due to their cutting-edge technology and effective dyeing procedure, IR Lab Dyeing Machines are becoming more and more popular among laboratories. This machine is ideal for dyeing samples of natural and synthetic fibers/yarns, fabrics of both woven and knitted type, zipper, and shoe mesh. This machine is suitable for all kinds of dyeing at room temperature and high temperature. It can be used to dye samples in 12 to 24 distinct colors thus providing high productivity.

The Innovative IR Lab Dyeing Machine

Fig: IR Lab Dyeing Machine

Key Features:

  1. Control panel:
  • This dyeing machine is equipped with microcomputer control and can be operated via smartphone
  • PLC controller to control temperature and LCD display for program progress
  • 100 process parameters programs and 100 steps per program can be stored for further use
  • Infrared heating tube instead of using glycerin thus energy save up to 50%
  • Automatic rotation device, rotation speed up to 50 RPM
  • Uniform and crease free dyeing because of 360º rolling motion of beakers
  • Dyeing part

Stainless steel beaker with a lid sealing pad ensures dyeing without leakage and it is convenient to use and clean. 150ml and 300ml capacity beakers are most common to use.

  • Heating and cooling part

This machine uses an infrared heating tube, which has a low power consumption, does not produce lampblack pollution due to overheating. It is designed with thermal insulation layer thus heat loss is minimal with more power saving.

Additionally, this machine has a higher heat dissipation efficiency since its heat absorption area increases during heating and its heat dissipation area increases during cooling. To minimize wasting water, the cooling method uses convection forced air cooling.

Internal Part of IR Lab Dyeing Machine

Fig: Internal part of IR Lab Dyeing Machine

Additional Features

  • Automatic alarm buzzing after test completion
  • This machine can be customized according to customer’s choice of different beaker specification
  • The machine features over-temperature alert function and automatic stop of the revolving cup holder when the door of this machine is unintentionally opened.
  • Low liquor ratio: 1:5
  • Stainless steel cabinet and soda ash adding without opening the beakers through injection system
  • To guarantee a proper leveling outcome, different sized dye pots with yarn or fabric holders are available for samples weighing different amounts.
  • Crease- and spot-free sample dyeing
  • Test temperature range: room temperature (greater than 0 ° C)      0 ° C~ 140 ° C
  • Rotational speed: 0 ~ 50 rpm (adjustable)

Testing procedure

  • Power on the machine
  • The samples are put on the testing beakers and clamped onto the machine
  • The dying parameters are set on the instrument’s menu interface according to the specifications
  • Run the machine and the display will show the temperature, speed and other parameters
  • After the test is over, the dying sample is removed, the dyeing beaker is cleaned and replaced and switch off the electricity


  • This machine is suitable for dyeing and color matching experiments
  • Also to test the influence of pH, temperature, bath ratio difference and concentration on dye absorption rate can also be measured through this machine
  • Test for segmented, homogenized, and permeable temperature sampling
  • Level dyeing can also be performed through this machine

Why to choose IR Lab Dyeing Machine:

Reliable result: The equipment uses infrared heating technology to maintain a steady temperature during the dyeing process, ensuring that the dye is applied uniformly and properly. This is vital for attaining the right color and shade.

Space saving design: IR Lab Dyeing Machines are compact thus ensuring to make the best use of the given space while also increasing overall efficiency.

Sustainable option: In this machine water and energy consumption is less thus the potential of pollution is less.

User friendly interface: The machine features a touchscreen control panel that displays all relevant information like temperature, time, and dyeing cycle parameters etc. in a straightforward and concise manner.

Textile dyeing technology has advanced significantly with the introduction of the IR Lab Dyeing Machine. As the textile industry continues to evolve, embracing innovations like the IR Lab Dyeing Machine will be crucial for meeting the challenges of quality, sustainability, and efficiency.

Revolutionizing Textile Dyeing: The Innovative IR Lab Dyeing Machine
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