How to Fix a Sports Bra That’s Too Big

Are you aware that wearing a loose sports bra may contribute to breast tissue breakdown, which causes your breasts to sag? You must wear a well-fitted bra while you work out to ensure that your breasts are not affected. Let’s give gravity and old age to the sagging bit part, but you should wear a comfy snug-fit sports bra. If you do not have one, this is a great time now to know how to fix a sports bra that’s too big. You’ll feel confident as you work out, exercise, and maybe save yourself a few bucks in the end.

Fix a Sports Bra That’s Too Big

Fix a Sports Bra That’s Too Big

There are three approaches on how to fix a sports bra that’s too big.

Attach Regular Bra Snap Hooks

One way to achieve this is to remove the snap loop, which is found in standard bras, and you may need certain skills in tailoring. Label the middle at the bottom of the sports bra strap and making sure that you shaped it correctly. Instead, sew as closely as you need to the hook and snap-on opposite sides to ensure it remains in position.

Sew an Elastic Band

The next step is to insert the lower portion of your sports bra into an adjustable band. Cut a thin strip of cloth to make a tiny hole in your sports bra bottom. After selecting the cloth, put an elastic band and add it in to make the lower section of your sports bra.

Shorten the Straps

You should shorten the straps if the sports bra strings are too long. You may achieve so by changing the straps. They should be elastic or reducing them by taking off and reassembling the extra fabric that the strap matches for you.

Signs You’re Sports Bra Size Is Too Big

The problem is not your breasts, they’re fine, it’s your sports bra. So we have the options (and recommendations) on how to fix a sports bra that’s too big. Trying to stack sports bras or wearing one that is too small and skinny tight will not solve the problem.

Your Band Size Is Too Loose

It is probably the most popular of all the sports bra problems that we mention. So that is the case when you purchase some bra-too loose band, too tiny cup. No one needs to live with a sports bra that is close enough to chaff. But if the band is sitting in the rear, then that’s a major indication it’s too loose.

Test the band’s fit before you order. It’s best to have support by being able to put your finger through the elastic band without getting awkward. That would be better if you opt with a cup-sized sports bra (e.g., 32, 34, 36, etc.) than only a small, medium, large bra. Padded sleeves and wicking moisture lining should help you go the extra mile.

Cups Are Running Over or Under

Double-boob and any other bra mishaps of this type happen all the time. In this scenario, it’s all about your cup size getting the right amount of space.

Lean in and sweep your boobs into the cup and make sure they stay straight while you check the suit. Be sure the breasts are thoroughly supported, and the cups are not too low and digging-in at the front like a double boob impact. Extra cloth beneath the cup? That means the size of a cup is too large.

The sports bra is a perfect option for cup sizes from C to E, featuring wire-free molded cups that minimize bounce. A U-back style is featuring hook and eye closure and flexible straps.

Not Enough Boobs Support for Your Sport

Whether you are racing, doing HIIT, or something that needs a decent amount of air time, the support team may require a little urgent. Lightweight help won’t be your mate.

Run tests out in the fitting room to prevent future problems with the sports bra. Run through a place, jump up and down, and even do a burpee or two if space is enough. You are purchasing clothes to travel in, and make sure it goes with you (or may not travel with you) the way you like it too. If you’re ever uncertain, heading for more help than less is easier, particularly if you’ve got a bigger cup size.

With its smooth underwire design, sports bra offers solid support and ventilation. That’s all you need to think about when getting up and running faster.

Straps That Dig Into Your Skin

Your bra’s key back up comes from the strap. But if the straps wouldn’t fit properly, you’ll be missing out on the right bra.

An adjustable strap might be the best investment you can build. When you make sure that the band is the correct size, and that the cups are in alignment, change the belts. Straps must not dig in or fall off your shoulders (racerbacks will also be a nice treat for that) because if they do, it’s an indicator that you’re wearing the wrong bra.

A sports bra’s cups need to be comfortable to protect your breast tissue, and you wouldn’t want your chest to be shifting within the cups. It is best to move down a cup size if they look too big. Lots of waves in the cup can mean that the breasts don’t fill the cup


All sports bra styles won’t fit on or if the fabric is excessively washed down. Not everyone would find such frugal repair remedies. Now that you’ve learned some tricks on how to fix a sports bra that’s too big, you wouldn’t have to go rush to the store and buy new ones.

How to Fix a Sports Bra That’s Too Big
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