Manufacturing Process of Garments Sample

How to Make Garments Sample Today I am going to discuss the manufacturing process of the garments sample. Sample section is a very important section of the garments industry. Garments styling mainly engaged with design, cutting or sewing which is done in the sample section as buyer’s requirement. Manufacturing Process… Continue reading

Objectives and Classification of Bleaching

Objectives and Classification of Bleaching Bleaching: Bleaching is a chemical process which removes the natural color of Textile fibers. The fiber/yarns/ fabric become permanent white.  Objective of Bleaching It removes the natural color from textile materials. It brings the textile materials permanent white. Improve the absorbency of the textile materials. Produce… Continue reading

Recommendation for Efficient Enzyme Desizing

What is enzymatic desizing and what is the recommendation for efficient enzyme desizing Desizing is the process of removing the size material from the warp yarns after the textile fabric is woven. Enzymatic desizing is a traditional desizing procedure of degrading starch size on cotton fabrics using enzymes. Enzymes are… Continue reading

Rot steeping Acid Steeping Enzyme Steeping

Ideas of Rot Steeping Acid Steeping Enzyme Steeping Steeping is the soaking in liquid (usually water) of a solid so as to extract flavors or to soften it. Some teas are prepared for drinking by steeping the leaves in heated water to release the flavor and nutrients. Rot steeping Rot… Continue reading

Flow Chart of Knitting

Knitting is the process where yarn is manipulated to make cloth. Knitting can be done by hand or with the help of a machine. In other words, knitting is a technique of producing two-dimensional fabrics into one-dimensional yarn. Knitted fabric consists of a number of consecutive rows of loops, called… Continue reading

Classification and Objects of Scouring

Classification and Objects of Scouring Scouring Desized textile materials till containing oil, fats, and waxes which are removed by alkali or detergent are called scouring. Objectives of Scouring To remove natural and added oils, fat and wax are from the textile materials. Improve hydrophilicity. Improve absorbency. Prepare for the next… Continue reading

Combed Yarn

The combed yarn is a yarn which is produced by the combing process. This yarn is finer than carded yarn. Generally combing produced 60 counts or more than 60 count yarn. But sometimes 32 counts or 40 counts yarn also produced by combing process. It is high-quality yarn and it… Continue reading

Enzyme Desizing

Enzyme Desizing Enzymatic desizing is a traditional desizing procedure of degrading starch size on cotton fabrics using enzymes. Enzymes are multipart organic, soluble bio-catalysts, created by living organisms that catalyze chemical effect in a biological process. Enzymes are quite specific in their act on a particular material. A small amount… Continue reading

Call Option

Call Option A call option is an option to buy financial instruments at a specific price after a certain period. A call option is an option for the buyer to exercise not an obligation to perform. There can be an agreement between the buyer and seller for the purpose of… Continue reading

Classification of Desizing

Classification of Desizing Desizing Desizing is the first chemical process in the wet process. Desizing is the term usually restricted to the process of removal of starch (of the size) from the cloth. De-sizing processes can be controlled by desizing process can be controlled by desizing liquor shorter time process.… Continue reading