Measurement of a T-shirt

How to measure a T-shirt

Proper measurement is a very important term of textile sector. If we don’t have proper knowledge of proper measuring way of garment we may face some unexpected situation in the working place i.e. to learn from junior class personnel. So, today I am going to share with you the proper measuring way of a T-shirt which I have learn in my working place.

Measurement of a T-shirt

Measurement instruction of a T-shirt

Measurement of a T-shirt


    1. Chest
    2. Waist
    3. Bottom
    4. Center back length/ T-shirt length
    5. Sleeve opening
    6. Sleeve length
    7. Shoulder
  1. Chest:

Lay your T-shirt on the ground or on a table and place the fabric of T-shirt nicely so that there are no wrinkles underneath or on top. Now place the measurement tape 1 inch or 2.5 cm below of armhole and side seam adjusting point or armpit.

  1. Waist:

For measuring waist of T-shirt we have to find out the narrowest part of the T-shirt. Generally it is in the halfway of the armpit and the bottom of the T-shirt. Measure across from the left of the T-shirt to the straight right.

  1. Bottom:

Place the measurement tape on the left of the T-shirt straightly to the right of the T-shirt. Ensure that there are no wrinkles during lay down of T-shirt.

  1. Center Back Length/T-shirt length:

Lay the T-shirt on the ground or on a table with facing up of back of the T-shirt. Now , place the measurement tape at the seam where the collar band attaches with the yoke. And carefully measure at straight direction to the middle of the back the T-shirt to the hem where the longest point.

  1. Sleeve Opening:

Place the measurement tape on the left of the sleeve straightly to the right. Ensure that there are no wrinkles during lay down of T-shirt.

  1. Sleeve Length:

Lay the T-shirt with the back facing up. Extend a sleeve of T-shirt (you can try right sleeve which will be easy to measure with right hand) smoothly avoiding any wrinkle. Place the measurement tape at the middle point on the armhole seam line straightly to the bottom of the sleeve.

  1. Shoulder:

By laid flat with back facing up, place the measurement tape from left top armhole hole seam point to the right top armhole seam point straightly. Take the reading. This is shoulder of this T-shirt. Ensure then there are no wrinkles during lay down of T-shirt.

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Denim Market Overview in Bangladesh

Denim market overview in Bangladesh

Nowadays denim product is a very important product of garments sector all over the world. Beside Bangladeshi, foreigner investors are also increasing investment in denim production related sector. And for increasing business environment of denim in Bangladesh different types of exhibition are organizing in Bangladesh.

From last 15th October 2014 there are going on a exhibition of denim for two days in hotel Radisson.

Denim pant

Denim Pant

Till now Bangladesh is not in good position of producing denim fabric. Maximum time we are importing denim fabric from china, India and Pakistan.

Recently in a survey , we have come to know that in EU country we are in second position in exporting of Jeans and in the United states of America we are in third position.

In denim product which are included to be exported are shirt, Pants, Jacket, Blazer etc.

Denim Market Overview in Bangladesh

A Beautiful Denim Jacket

In Bangladesh there are about twenty five institutes which are producing denim fabric. But this is not enough as the requirement of denim fabric. We are in back position in producing denim fabric rather than other country. Beside ready-made garment of denim, if we want to increase our profit from denim section than we should try to increase denim fabric production. Because among all backward linkage (backward linkage means these which are related to make ready-made garments) fabric plays the vital role.

As denim product is a very potential part of garment sector so we should be more careful about it’s production. But for increasing denim related investment in textile sector there also should have proper gas and power supply system. And in that purpose Government should come forward.

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