Reports and Responsibilities of Garments Quality Department

Reports and Responsibilities of Garments Quality Department

Quality Reporting Responsibilities in the Apparel Industry: Garments quality controlling work throughout a garments factory, very sensitive work to maintain export garments quality.  Reporting is the first job of Garments quality department rather than working; need to maintain lots of documents as their working reference. This article has a list Reports and Responsibilities of Garments Quality Department as given in the following.

List of Quality Controlling Reports in Garment Factory

S/L Work Reporting List Responsible Person
1 Trims Inventory Store in charge
2 Trims inspection Store QI
3 Fabric  inventory Fabric  Store in charge
4 Sharp tools control log book Store in charge
5 Supplier packing list /invoice /Test report /chalan Store in charge /QC
6 Fabric :Maintain style/ shade /color /shrinkage wise put on the plate Store in charge /QC
Cutting  Quality Department
7 Fabric inspection Cutting QC/ QI
8 Shade band Cutting QC/ QI
9 Shade band list Cutting QC/ QI
10 Continuity card Cutting QC/ QI
11 Shrinkage  test (iron /wash) Cutting QC/ QI
12 Spreading quality control Cutting QC/ QI
13 Cutting quality control Cutting QC/ QI
14 Marker check Cutting  QI
15 Pattern check (top, bottom, middle )need to extra pattern Cutting  QI
16 100%pannel check/ Bundle check Cutting  QI
17 Relaxation report (Mesh,/knit/spandex fabric) Cutting  QI
18 Relaxation  report (mesh /spandex /knit fabric) Cutting  QI
FUSING Quality Control
20 Fusing record (Temperature, Time, Weight ) ( Daily two time ) Fusing operator
21 Bond strength   (Check by wash &machine )( Daily two time ) Fusing operator
22 Heat seal record (Daily two time ) Fusing operator
SEWING Quality Department
23 Machine maintenance ( Daily two time ) Two hours  QI
24 In process quality control system /7pcs /Traffic light system Two hours  QI
25 Process check  (process name defects name, date  s/b mention )  Process QI
26 Stitch monitoring Two hours  QI
27 End line inspection (Output table) mention process name defect name.  Output QI
28 Measurement report (every hour 3 pcs  ) Line QC
29 Box audit  report  (hourly audit ,re-check m/b re-audit ) Line QC
30 Inline quality control  (daily one time, check QNTY20/32 pcs Line QC
31 Quality goal /Defect analysis (daily /weekly /monthly ) Line QC
32 First production review  (submit  with sample )follow  pp comments ) Line QC
33 Weekly defects analysis  ( Corrective action plan) Line QC
34 Monthly defects analysis  ( Corrective action plan ) Line QC
35 Root cause analysis   (highest 3operation &3 defects ) Line QC /QAM/GM production /GM operation )
36 Broken needle control log (line wise &all broken needle m/b put log book ) Safety officer
37 Flag defect record ( found defect operator )  line wise report ) Maintain line chief
Finishing and Packing Department
38 Pull test  (Daily two times ) Two hours QI
39 First button &last button procedure (each new bobbin insert the machine  first button attached mockup )keep record individual) Button QI
40  Garments check by needle detector  machine (po wise ) Needle detector operator
41 9 point check (check machine every hour) Needle detector operator
42 100% visual audit (button, grommet, snap button, eyelet etc.) Button QI
43 Process check  inside inspection report Process QI
44 Process check  top side inspection report Process QI
45 Flag defect record  ( found defect iron man ) Get up QI
46 Get up check Measurement QI
47 Measurement  (100% chest, bottom, back/front length, sleeve length, Waist, inseam, leg opening  ) Hangtag QI
48 UPC label /hangtag. Get up QI
49 Re get up /iron audit Two hours QI
50 Two hours audit with measurement Carton QI
51 100%  Ratio check (put seal after complete ctn  ) Finishing QC
52 Day final with measurement Finishing QC
53 Defects record  ( daily /weekly ) Finishing QC
54 Reject register (mention style color/ size Q AM
55 Pre-final audit with carton no Finishing in charge
56 Carton weight and assortment check Finishing QI

Reports and Responsibilities of Garments Quality Department

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