Pangrim Fabric

Let’s quickly find out some basic information about pangrim fabric. Pangrim is suitable material for sewing workwear in addition to silk and khaki fabric. Pangrim fabric helps to create quality products with its superior features. So Process of producing clothes, garments, and textile processing is more or less similar to other types of fabric making.

Features of Pangrim fabric

What is Pangrim fabric?

Pangrim fabric is a woven fabric that has a combination of cotton fibers along with several other synthetic fibers including nylon, rayon. This perfect combination helps synthetic materials have many different features.

The fabric is from Korea, and has good elasticity, so it is often used to sew workwear. The fabric has a fairly thick surface, not soft but not too rough.

Pangrim fabric 2721

Pangrim 2721 fabric is a fabric with two main components, cotton, and polyester. In which polyester accounts for a higher proportion. This is a fabric that is less wrinkled, has high durability, and can be used well in harsh environments.

Pangrim fabric 1609

This is a fabric with a higher price than Pangrim 2721 fabric with a composition including cotton vs polyester. However, the fabric has an equal ratio between these two components. It is for this reason that the material is of a much higher quality. Pangrim 1609 fabric is cooler, with better sweat absorption. The fabric is suitable for winter use because of its thicker surface.

Features of Pangrim fabric

High Breathability

The fabric has a combination of cotton components, so the product always has high breathability. Help the user always feel comfortable, and have a comfortable feeling of comfort. High breathability is also an advantage when used to sew jackets.

Sweat Absorption

The fabric has very good sweat absorption, suitable for use on peak hot days and for workers who often work outdoors, exposed to the sun and heavy work.

Dust Free

The material does not catch dust, so it is very convenient when workers are exposed to a lot of dust on the construction site. Save a lot of washing time as well as increase the life of the fabric. Fabric is the first choice for sewing protective clothing.

High Durability

The fabric is woven firmly, along with a combination of quality materials, so the fabric is very durable. Thanks to this advantage, businesses can save a large amount of money when using fabric to sew workwear uniforms.

Wrinkle-free Fabric

Combined with polyester components, the fabric does not wrinkle when used. Increase the aesthetics as well as save a lot of time for ironing.

Create a Beautiful Shape

The fabric does not droop or soften, so when used to sew clothes, it creates a very beautiful shape and stands. Suitable for work environments that require dynamism and agility.

Applications of Pangrim Fabric

Production of Clothes

Pangrim fabric has the same properties and characteristics as khaki fabric, so it can be used as this substance. Some clothing products are sewn as jackets or trousers. The fabric maximizes its effect when used for jackets.

The jacket can be used in both seasons. In the summer, a jacket helps to protect the skin from high temperatures and against UV rays.

In winter, Pangrim jacket helps people to avoid cold wind. Besides, some jacket models are also sewn according to modern designs, helping to create a dynamic style for users. In addition to jackets, the material is often used to sew men’s trousers. Men’s trousers can be trousers or joggers depending on the preferences of the user.

And some popular costumes using Pangrim material such as:

  • Skirt empty
  • Skirt
  • Bra
  • Short
  • Shirt

Sewing Protective Clothing for Work

With superior properties, suitable for outdoor work or heavy work, the material is used to sew workwear. Some occupations are suitable to use in Pangrim fabric workwear such as Construction workers, construction engineers, mechanical workers, and factory workers. Jobs are often exposed to smoke dust and hot weather conditions.

Some notes when using Pangrim Fabric

Cleaning After Use

It is necessary to clean it immediately after you have used it. To help the material can be washed easily and improve the long-term aesthetic of the fabric.

Use Fabric Softener

The fabric needs fabric softener to help the fabric stay soft. The material must be exposed to high temperatures, so the surface is prone to roughness. When there is fabric softener, Pangrim will be somewhat softer and keep the scent longer.

Proper Storage

You need to store the fabric carefully when it is not used. The fabric should not be exposed to humid air, which can easily cause mold and mildew. In winter, limit putting clothes in wooden cabinets, because wooden cabinets are easy to absorb moisture and have an unpleasant smell.

Pangrim fabric has many good advantages and has many different prices, so it is very convenient for consumers to choose to use. In addition to being used to produce workwear, the material is also commonly used in the garment manufacturing industry. So you can buy Pangrim fabric with many different uses. Wish you the most beautiful and quality costumes.

Pangrim Fabric
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