A Brief Introduction Gaming Along with Some Exciting Titles

For many, gaming is more than something people do to kill time. A lot of people are making names for themselves out there competing in Dota 2 competitions and streaming for 10 to 12 hours a day on Twitch. In addition to competing in international competitions and playing for long excruciating hours, now people can also immerse themselves in Metaverse games.

Introduction Gaming

To understand what metaverse games are, one needs to understand what metaverse is and what value these games offer. Besides a fast internet connection from Spectrum Internet plan or some other dependable provider, you may need AR or VR gear like headsets and gloves.

Dive into this blog to understand what metaverse games and top titles are worth trying.

What is Metaverse?

According to some people, Metaverse is the next big thing. It is a digital replication of our world in which people interact virtually like the real world. You can go to parties, take someone on a virtual date, or do other fun activities in this virtual universe. Even before Mark Zuckerberg renamed Facebook to Meta, there were many examples available that offer the metaverse experience.

For example, people can go to concerts and parties in Fortnite. Also, people can interact with each other in games that follow The Sims concept.

What makes metaverse gaming different is that many games allow you to create things and own creations. You can buy or exchange in-game things with other people and even convert in-game currencies into real money. Most of these games use blockchain or NFTs to ensure ownership of belongings.

5 Metaverse Games You Should Try

The following are the five Metaverse game titles you should try:

Axie Infinity

An augmented reality game named Pokémon GO with cute creatures that geeks have loved over the years. Axie Infinity is a game developed by a Vietnamese startup with cute creatures named that are not too different from Pokémons. These creatures are called Axies and have a total of 500 components. Players can customize their Axies. This is something that no Pokémon game allows you to do as you can only change how your avatar looks.  

In addition, you can also create new Axies with exciting powers by experimenting with different genes. Axies can look for treasure, buy land and build homes, and utilize other resources in the game. There are plenty of NFTs and digital certificates to be earned in this game.


Initially, Sandbox was a mobile game developed in 2012. Now it is a user-generated platform where people are block-like customizable characters, and they can own their creations. This game has a 3D modeling tool called VoxEdit which allows you to create animals, vehicles, cars, and so much more. You can sell these creations on another Sandbox product called Marketplace.  

In addition to these, there’s another product in the game called the Game Maker. This tool allows you to create games without coding. Your creations and many other things in this game are protected by NFT and digital contracts technology.

Chain of Alliance

Chain of Alliance is an RPG game that you can play in the Metaverse environment. It is a strategy game where you need to arm up your characters. The customizable monsters you see in this game have NFT values. This game has a quite familiar concept to many others you may have already played. So, getting used to this game and completing its quests won’t feel much different.  

My Neighbor Alice

If you like playing farm simulation games like Farmville or HayDay, getting accustomed to the concept of My Neighbor Alice will be easy. You can create multiple income streams in this game by growing crops, livestock, and more. Also, you may start bee farming and selling honey. The items in this game like the crops you grow, houses, and other things are NFTs that you can later sell at Alice Marketplace or other blockchains.  

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a community-based metaverse game. In this game, there are six planets where you can go and start mining. Every planet has its own elected government. Your voting rights in this game depend on the Trilium, the official name of the in-game currency, you mine. In this game, you start mining on somebody else’s land with a shovel by paying them. Later, when you have Trilium, you can upgrade to more advanced mining equipment and buy your land.   


These five games can give you a feel of how metaverse gaming works with a ton of fun time and access to NFTs and blockchains. Get started with these and later explore more titles to see which games you love.

A Brief Introduction Gaming Along with Some Exciting Titles
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