Adventure Awaits: Outdoor Excursions and Exploration at Austin Hill Country Resorts

Seriously, you can plan a slick vacation trip to Austin Hill Country. Especially if you’re looking to maximize your outdoor fun. When planned out right, you can do a range of things and truly have a memorable experience. This article gets into seven ways to get your outdoor fix in!

Outdoor Excursions and Exploration at Austin Hill Country Resorts

You can find well positioned Austin Hill Country resorts that will keep you super close to most outdoor attractions. Ultra convenient if you want to do a hike in the morning, but still relish in a delectable dinner in town at night. There’s lots of opportunity to enjoy stunning greenery and plants, including getting up close with the wildlife in the area.

7 Amazing Outdoor Excursions You Can Do From Austin Hill Country Resorts

When you stay somewhere like Udoscape Eco-Glamping Resort in Austin Hill Country, you’re in direct access to a ton of really cool outdoor things.

1) Bask in the Glory of Lake Travis and Have a Sunset Dinner on the Water

One of the best attractions to visit near Austin Hill Country resorts is Lake Travis. You can take in this stunning panoramic view at any time of the day, but it’s especially beautiful at sunset when the colors pop off. Enjoy dinner right on the water, sit back, and relax.

2) Observe Austin Hill Country Animals and Get in a Good Hike at the Wildlife Refuge

Appreciating the place you’re visiting is important. Sure, you can find things to do that aren’t really partial to the place that can be found anywhere. But taking some time to see what the area is about brings a whole new view. Go see the wildlife of Austin Hill Country and get in a good hike while you’re at it.

3) Swing Your Golf Clubs Around or Enjoy a Beautiful Stroll Around a Park

Thankfully, Austin Hill has a little something for everyone, including the golf fanatics. You can swing on 18 holes of pristine greens with knockout views all around. If you’re not into ball golf but still want to enjoy a lush green environment, there are two stunning parks you can visit. Take a stroll, inhale some fresh air, and get yourself some good Vitamin D.

4) Lounge at Restaurants with Incredible Outdoor Patios and Live Music

Everyone’s got to eat. Although most glamping resorts have small kitchenettes to cook meals on, having that all taken care of for you by a restaurant can be really nice. In Austin Hill Country, you can find awesome spots that have huge outdoor patios and amazing local music talent that stops by to get down.

5) Blast Around Exploring the Countryside at the Local ATV and Dirt Bike Park

Yes, that’s right! You can rent four wheelers and check out what Austin Hill’s countryside looks like. This is such a fun way to rejoice in the outdoors. Get the wind in your hair and laugh with your friends as you cruise around. Pack a lunch so there’s no need to rush away for food.

6) Visit the Shooting Range at the Same Place as the ATV Park

Get a little “bang bang therapy” in during your trip! With the shooting range located in the same adventure park as the rentable ATVs, you can easily plan a full day over there. They do clay targets along with their pistol and rifle ranges.

7) Adults Only at the Clothing Optional Public Park at Lake Travis

If you don’t have any littles ones on the trip, you can enjoy Lake Travis with just your birthday suit! Just say no to tan lines and do something fun and out of the box. There are multiple trails you can walk around on, also clothing optional. But the fun part is basking on the shoreline, enjoying the lake’s stunning views.

Have Adventure Your Way at Austin Hill Country

As you can see, there’s so many things to explore while you’re visiting Austin Hill Country resorts. Finding a place that’s close to these incredible adventures is key. Once you’ve found your resort spot, all you need to do is pick out the activities for your trip. From golfing to enjoying the lake, you’ll find something to make you happy!

Adventure Awaits: Outdoor Excursions and Exploration at Austin Hill Country Resorts
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