Job Description of a Sewing Operator

Job Description of a Sewing Operator and Training of Sewing Operator

The operator is the driver of a garment factory. The operator sews garments to produce the final product. Sewing operators have certain job responsibilities. The job responsibilities of a sewing operator need to mention in the job description of a sewing operator so that they can actually know their core job functions. As sewing operators play a very important role in making readymade garments, they should be properly trained so that productivity can be increased. And also improve the quality of garments products. Here in this article, you will have an idea of what are the job responsibilities of a sewing machine operator and what type of training they make require to perform the job.

Job Description of a Sewing Operator, Responsibilities of sewing machine Operator, training of sewing machine operator

Sewing Operator in Apparel

Sewing operators are the workers who operate the sewing machine in Garments. Every sewing operator has defined sewing operations/tasks and they are responsible to do so. Operator need to handle sewing machine parts carefully to reduce the risk of wastage of materials.

Job Description of Sewing Operator in Apparel Industry

  1. Fill up the hourly basis production target
  2. Keeping clean sewing machine and floor
  3. Use all personal protective equipment (PPE). ex. Mask, gloves, glass
  4. Follow mock-up or operator JQS (Job quality standard) for every process
  5. Keeping the quality standard of his sewing process
  6. Knock sewing maintenance team for machine breakdown or any mechanical problem in the sewing machine
  7. Ensure alteration of his produced defect
  8. Report sewing supervisor for any types of problem
  9. Keeping available of all necessary tools for a sewing machine. Example: Needle, Bobbin case, Guide, thread example SPI, Stitch tension
  10. Proper machine handling, elimination of unwanted motion and correct pickup sew and dispatch method
  11. Follow the 5S method

Sewing Operator Training in Garments

More than 50% of total manpower are sewing operator in Garments. So sewing operator training is very much necessary in Garments. Here I am giving operator training matters in Garments in the below list.

  1. How to increase productivity
  2. How to improve stitching quality
  3. How to increase garments quality
  4. Why need to use personal protective equipment
  5. How to keep a machine and workplace clean
  6. How to implement 5S
  7. How to increase workplace safety
  8. How to maintain discipline in the workplace

Job Description of a Sewing Operator and Training of Sewing Operator pdf

Job Description of a Sewing Operator

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