Short Guide On Writing A Finance Essay

Along with theoretical and practical assignments, students also have to do creative work. When it comes to writing an essay on finance, this task may cause some difficulties for a student. An essay is a work of a small volume of free composition, which reflects the author’s personal opinion on a particular topic. Quality finance essay writing is influenced by the following factors:

  • source material;
  • the author’s understanding of the problem, the definition of a personal position;
  • correctly selected arguments.

If you are not ready to do the work yourself and are looking for a fast and proven way to solve this task, then a custom essay writing service is what you need.

Writing A Finance Essay

The work on essays involves:

  • reliance on information sources (lectures, notes, textbooks, articles);
  • analysis of approaches, methods, and results of the conducted research;
  • the logic of the construction of arguments;
  • validity of own position.

Common mistakes when writing a finance essay

Oddly enough, it is the lack of clearly defined rules that generates the main mistakes when writing an essay. Students who are used to official texts, writing articles and public speeches are especially guilty of them.

Too much volume

Each examiner/committee has its own requirements for the volume. But it is important to remember that an essay is a small written project.

Because of volume restrictions, you will have to sacrifice minor details and write only on the essence. But you shouldn’t shrink to the detriment of the information presented. It is better to go a little overboard in the number of characters, than not to reveal the topic.

Overloaded sentences

The overly complex structure of phrases, long sentences, the abundance of participles, and phraseology are not the things that are welcome in essays. They increase the volume, complicate the perception of information and distract attention. Wherever possible, divide large phrases into smaller ones, use simpler words and avoid cumbersome constructions.

For a more appealing look, alternate sentences by word count. Two short, one medium, one short and one long sentences sound much more appealing than a paragraph of short phrases followed by one long one for a quarter of a page.

References and citations

An essay is not the kind of paper format that encourages references to famous authors, quotations from recognized scholarly or artistic works. If you feel that a quote in a couple of sentences will emphasize your opinion and ease the situation – feel free to insert it in the work. Just have to fit it neatly into the text, so it does not look alien. But it’s still not worth repeating a whole paragraph of someone else’s text to express your opinion.

Few details and explanations

Despite the small volume, the essay must include explanations of the statements. Otherwise, the text will turn out too dry, official, and full of clichés. Avoid general phrases, write only specifics.

Long introductions

Both to the paper itself and to the important facts. The fewer pointless phrases, the better. Remember that you have very little space, and it should be filled with as many facts as possible. The essay should grab the viewer from the first lines. This can be done immediately with an outlined problem, or a question to the reader, or a beautifully worded intriguing phrase. There shouldn’t be a single sentence that prepares the reader for the next one – everything is just business.

Errors in phrase construction

They can be both grammatical and semantic. There are plenty of possibilities to make such mistakes when writing a finance essay. These include misaligned participles, the erroneous use of similar words with different meanings, and ambiguous wording in which the main protagonist is unclear. Simplifying sentences is likely to solve the problem. By the way, you should not use scientific terms in the meanings of which you are not sure – you can embarrass yourself.

How to avoid mistakes

  1. Check the text thoughtfully. Pay attention to the wording of the sentences, try saying the text aloud at different tempos. If somewhere it is difficult to speak or perceive by ear, the wording should be changed.
  2. After the essay is ready, reread it and think about whether you answered the questions you had in front of you. Did you express your opinion, how clear is your position?
  3. Another important point is the expression of your own individuality. A beautiful and coherent text, through which you can not see the personality of the author, is not so well appreciated. At the same time, you can express the individual approach in different ways – emphasize your view of the problem, refer to your own experience, use your style of speech and familiar phrases. If you find it difficult to write in this way, you can first sketch a sample text and then rewrite it with the necessary details in your own style.

And if you’re writing a term paper or diploma thesis, you can’t do without one written work. A well-crafted speech for the defense of your diploma is an important component of success. Well, if you are still experiencing difficulties, an essay writing service cheap company helps not only to write your thesis but also some of its parts, for example, to compose a speech for the defense. 

Short Guide On Writing A Finance Essay
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