Esperio Broker Review: The company supports traders with real money

We will explain how and in what way the Esperio online broker helps traders as part of its bonus programs.

Esperio Broker Review

Let’s start with the fact that Esperio bonus programs are special offers from a broker to support a trading account, increase profits, compensate for expenses, and other purposes. Bonuses are funds credited to a trader’s account on conditions determined by the broker.

How to take part in the Espero Broker bonus program?

The rules govern the use of any bonus funds in Esperio.

A trader can agree to receive funds in two ways:

  • by submitting an application for a bonus via the Personal Account;
  • by confirming the offer of the broker in the Personal Account.

Esperio can provide bonuses without customer confirmation as part of ongoing marketing campaigns, compensation of payment system commissions, and in some other cases.

Funds can be credited if they are displayed in the account statement or the Personal Account. The broker clarifies that the funds received are not the client’s property and cannot be transferred to a third party or another account. Bonuses cannot be used for non-trading transactions.

All restrictions on the use of funds received from the Esperio broker are removed after certain conditions are met. The broker credits the number of bonuses to the client’s account in full after processing, and the trader has the right to use them at their discretion.

The conditions for working off bonuses are determined by the relevant promotions or services. In some cases, the bonus is provided on special conditions.

Working off bonusesincludes:

  • sequence (bonuses should be processed from early to late);
  • bonus amount;
  • the volume of closed trading operations (as a rule, in lots);
  • the period during which it is necessary to complete the required volume of trading operations.

The client can always see a detailed report on processing in the Personal Account.

The trader must take care in advance that the amount of funds on their trading account does not fall to the amount of all bonuses if the client uses the funds received as part of the bonus programs of the Esperio broker.

Now let’s talk about the three permanent non-promotional programs of Esperio:

  • Extra Empower;
  • Double Empower;
  • Empower CashBack.

Each of them helps clients solve tactical tasks related to trading in the financial market. They are designed for exceptional cases.

Traders can use the Extra Empower bonus if they need more time to replenish their account to support the deal during the drawdown. The broker provides this bonus for Standard type accounts with VIP status when replenishing for any amount from 50 thousand dollars. Also, traders must pass the personal data verification in their Personal Account.

Extra Empower funds are non-withdrawable and can only be used for trading. The profit received from the use of the deposit can be applied to trading operations.

The Double Empower program doubles the funds with which traders replenish their trading accounts. Bonus funds are used only for trading, and the maximum level of a one-time accrual is 3 thousand dollars per trading account.

Double Empower serves to maintain the level of margin for transactions and cannot participate in drawdowns.

The Empower Cashback program is exclusive conditions for the Esperio broker’s VIP clients

  • The bonus is paid in real money to your trading account no later than the 5th day of the month following the billing month.
  • Bonus funds can be withdrawn or used in transactions.
  • The validity period of the received bonus is not limited.

The higher the trading or investment turnover and VIP status, the greater the Empower CashBack bonus is.

Processing conditions:

  • compensation of part of the costs for positions closed during the billing month;
  • transactions must use own funds;
  • withdrawal of funds from the trading account during the billing month means the cancellation of the bonus.

Examples of processing each of the considered bonuses are presented on the Esperio website.

Esperio Broker Review: The company supports traders with real money
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