5 Ways to Add Artistic Flair to Your Home With Abstract Print Fabric

Ways to Add Artistic Flair to Your Home With Abstract Print Fabric

Fabric trends never cease to amaze us! From clothing to home, they are used in almost every corner of our homes. And, if you are looking for a little experiment, why not ditch the all-time favorite floral print fabric for the abstract?

Yes, the art of using different shapes, colors, and patterns to express an artist’s imagination on canvas. The only difference being you’ll add the exquisite artistic flair of geometrical representations with a printed fabric.

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Give Your Space a Makeover with Abstract Prints

No one says fabrics are only meant for wardrobes and clothing. That’s why home decor experts have taken a different approach to curating a list of spaces and items that can go abstract. Here are five ways to introduce abstract art through the fabric in your home:

Let the Accent Wall Talk Geometry

When you walk into your home, you don’t want to stare at blank walls, especially if it’s an accent one. So, pick a fabric with an abstract design or stripes that you believe will add personality to your walls.

Dress Your Curtains In Abstract Fabric

Have you been ignoring window space for too long? Time to add color to those. Choose curtains with vibrant hues or striking patterns that look nothing short of drama. The whole setup will look like an exceptional piece of art, ultimately becoming a focal point of the room.

Complement Modern Furniture with Quirky Patterns

The easiest way to add artistic flair to your home is through upholstery. Select an abstract print fabric that resonates with your style and adds interesting texture to your armchair, sofas, and dining chairs. Whether you select large-scale patterns or smaller prints, it will make your living room look aesthetically phenomenal.

Ace Minimalism Trend with Red & Black Cushion Covers

There is no need to limit your minimalistic personality to pastels; try red and black cushion covers with nothing but the letter V printed on them. Or you can mix and match with contrasting figures to visually transform the overall look of your bed or sofa.

Believe the experts; all those pillows will take your minimalism love to another level without putting any extra effort.

Add Contrasting Colors & Shapes to Table Linens

Bedroom check, living room check, what about the dining room? Most people leave the dining area from their list of home decor spaces. Finding ceramic tableware that looks good and fulfills its purpose can be challenging. How about balancing decor and ceramics with table linen made with abstract printed fabric?

Choosing contrasting colors and shapes will give your intimate gatherings and meal time a memorable artistic escape.

Wrapping Up

That’s all, folks. Follow the above tips to spruce up your place and relax surrounded by abstract impressions and patterns. Need more ideas on how to use fabrics for different occasions? Keep reading our blogs!

5 Ways to Add Artistic Flair to Your Home With Abstract Print Fabric
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