GSM of Fabric: Meaning and Calculation

You will not find anybody who is working in different processing of apparel manufacturing but didn’t have any idea about GSM. Simply, GSM is the unit for the weighing of

Primary Motion of Loom

Primary Motion of Loom There are many mechanisms on a modern weaving machine for various purposes. There are five basic mechanisms that are essential for continuous weaving. They are as

What is Non Woven Fabric

What is non woven fabric? Nonwoven fabrics are flexible, porous products consisting of one or more fibre layers. In nonwoven fabric the fibres may either preferentially oriented in one direction

Classification of Fabric

Fabric can be defined as any planar substance constructed from solutions, fibers, yarns in combination. But textile fabric can be defined as a slightly different way. Textile Fabric The textile

What is Knitted Fabric

What is Knitted Fabric? Knitted Fabric: Knitted fabrics provide comfortable wear to almost any garment. For making comfortable wear we first think about knitted garments. Though it has an open structure

Fabric Consumption of a Basic T-Shirt

Fabric Consumption of a basic T-shirt Determining the Fabric Consumption of a Basic T-Shirt is required to identify the cost of fabric for each garment. Since fabric cost depends on

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