Digital Merchandising and E-commerce Merchandising

What is Digital Merchandising? We all familiar with the term “merchandising” which actually functioning for contacting prospective buyers, do price negotiation, induce to purchase offering[…]

Visual Merchandising: Definition, Forms, Process, and Importance

Definition of Visual Merchandising Now visual merchandising is a widely used tool to bring success to the retail business. Visual Merchandising is getting higher acceptance[…]

Trainee Merchandiser Job Description

A trainee merchandiser post is an entry-level post of a merchandiser. A trainee merchandiser will be promoted as a merchandiser and then a senior merchandiser. Sometimes[…]

Explain What is Merchandising with Example

Merchandising is a process of selling goods and services. In this article, you will learn what is merchandising with example. The process starts with identifying[…]

Qualities of a Fashion Merchandiser

Qualities of a Fashion Merchandiser In the early days of human history, people were not concern about fashion. But with the improvement of living standards[…]

Calculation of Earnings and Loss for Garments Industry

Calculation of Earnings and Loss for Garments Industry Calculation of earnings and loss for the garments industry is required to monitor whether factory operation is[…]

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