More than 100+ Different Styles of Hats and Caps: Explained with Pictures

Hats and caps serve as essential fashion accessories for both men and women, offering protection from sunburn and sunstroke while complementing various outfits. These accessories have long been regarded as fashionable statements. Before delving into specifics, let’s highlight some key aspects of hats and caps.

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The Difference between Hats and Caps

There is a slight difference between hats and caps. Hats cannot be a cap. But Caps are either called a cap or a hat. A Hat defines the headpieces, and it does not fit into the ‘cap’ definition. The term “hat” does not cover all varieties of head accessories let alone fashionable ones. A hat is a head cover shaped like a brim. Meanwhile, Cap is a head covering, brimless in nature, yet made with a visor.

The topic of the DiscussionHatCap
FittingThe crown of a hat fits around the head in a loose mannerThe crown of the cap fits around the head in a tight manner
BrimBrim circles the entire hatCap has no brim
SunlightThe hat provides shade against any sunlightCap does not protect the body from sunlight, it only blocks the face.
ApplicationHat has uses in ceremonial settings.Cap has uses in sports and fashion wear.

What do We Mean by “Hats?”

Hats are head covering that protects the face from any weather condition. They have applications for several purposes. There are religious reasons, safety measures, rank denotation, or fashion accessories. Hat has been a social status indicator. But it shifts to an indicator where fashion and lifestyle assimilate at one point.

The Major Parts of a Hat are

  1. Crown
  2. Visor
  3. Hatband
  4. Brim
  5. Trim
  6. Bow
  7. Ribbon
Parts of Hat

Crown: The crown is the top part of the hat that sits on the head. It is typically made of a stiff material, such as felt or straw, and is shaped to fit the head. The crown is the main body of the hat and helps to hold the hat in place on the head.

Visor: The visor is the part of the hat that extends out from the front of the crown and shades the face from the sun. It is usually made of a flexible material, such as fabric or leather, and is attached to the crown of the hat.

Hatband: The hatband is a band of material that goes around the base of the crown and helps hold the hat in place on the head. It is typically made of decorative material, such as ribbon or leather, and may be adorned with additional decorative elements, such as a bow or other embellishments.

Brim: The brim is the part of the hat that extends out from the base of the crown and shades the face from the sun. It is usually made of a flexible material, such as fabric or straw, and is attached to the crown of the hat. The size and shape of the brim can vary depending on the style of the hat.

Trim: Trim refers to any additional decorative elements on the hat, such as ribbon, bows, or other embellishments. Trim can be used to add visual interest to a hat and may be used to distinguish one hat from another.

Bow: A bow is a loop of ribbon or other material that is used as a decorative element on a hat. It is typically made of decorative material and is used to add visual interest to the hat.

Ribbon: A ribbon is a narrow strip of material that is used as a decorative element on a hat, often in combination with a bow. It is usually made of decorative material and is used to add visual interest to the hat.

The 40 Different Styles of Hats are as follows:

  1. Beanie
  2. Balmoral Bonnet
  3. Balaclava
  4. Beret
  5. Bicorne
  6. Bowler Hat
  7. Bobble Hat
  8. Boonie Hat
  9. Buntal
  10. Campaign Hat
  11. Chupalla
  12. Conical Hat
  13. Coonskin Hat
  14. Chullo
  15. Cloche
  16. Custodian helmet
  17. Deerstalker
  18. Fedora
  19. Fez
  20. Fulani hat
  21. Homburg Hat
  22. Hard Hat
  23. Keffiyah
  24. Kippah
  25. Mitre
  26. Montera
  27. Panama
  28. Pillbox hat
  29. Pith Helmet
  30. Sombrero Cordobes
  31. Sombrero
  32. Stetson/ Cowboy Hat
  33. Tam o’Shanter
  34. Top Hat
  35. Toque
  36. Tricorne
  37. Tryloean Hat
  38. Tuque
  39. Turban
  40. Ushanka
Styles and Types of Hats

The 50 Different Styles of Hats in 2023

The flow of fashion trends is at progressing and the obsession has no end. Discover these Fifty different styles of Hats that will be in super sale in the year 2023. They are as follows:

1.      Balmoral Bonnet

Being a traditional Scottish type, the balmoral bonnet hat has been a part of highland dress. This hat can be worn in both formal and informal settings. This hat is also applicable to be known as a cap.

2.      Beret

The beret is popularly known as the soft rounded flat crowned hat as a part of a military uniform. Even, beret relates to police units as well. Revolutionary individuals like Che Guevara were seen wearing a black beret head as a hat.

3.      Bicorne

A historical form of hat is under the name of “Bicorne.” It gets adopted in the early 1790s. This hat was seen used in military uniforms as a cocked hat.

4.      Bowler

Recognize it as derby or bombing, all the names indicate only one hat type which is the bowler. It seems to be hard felt including a crown. This hat was well-known as the ‘Thomas and William Bowler hat in 1839.

5.      Buntal

A Philippine straw hat is Buntal, woven from fibers. These fibers are well-extracted from the petioles. These petioles are of palm leaves. For the Para buntal hat or East Indian hat, Buntal also takes all forms.

6.      Chullo

Chullo, an Andean hat gets styled up with earflaps. These hats (Peruvian and Bolivian) are well-made of vicuna, alpaca, and llama. They all are known as ‘Chullo.’

7.      Cloche Hat

The cloche hat, a bell-shaped ladies’ hat, comes from the French word ‘Cloche”. It means bell. It became favored during the Roaring Twenties.

8.      Sombrero “Cordobes”

This hat is traditionally styled. Cordobes are flat-brimmed and flat-topped. Being a traditional hat, this hat defines its history from the Cordoba city of Spain. You can use it as a wide-brimmed hat as well.

9.      Conical Hat

One of the Asian hats is Conical. This hat is also popularly known as the “Coolie Hat.” You may see this hat in a farmer’s head or rice field. This hat has origins back to East Asia, South Asia, and Southeast Asia.

10.  Custodian Helmet

This helmet is a headwear worn by British police on foot patrol.

11.  Beanie

There are a lot of available knit caps, because of climate demands, around the world. Among them, the Beanie hat is the most common one. In America, beanie hats are well-known as a “watch cap”, “toque”, or “Tuque.”

12.  Balaclava

Have you seen any ski masks? Balaclava is like a ski mask. It is a cloth headgear form designed for the outer part exposing. In the outer part, only the eyes and the mouth remain disclosed. However, it depends on styles too.

13.  Bobble Hat

Who has not seen bobble Hats? We guess, there is no one. After all, the Bobble hat is the most necessary form of headwear. It is a close-fitting hat knitted with wool. It has a pom-pom-shaped bobble at the top of the head. This fashion of wearing a bobble hat does not fade away soon.

14.  Boonie Hat

We have discussed before the military categorized hats. Well, boonies are also one of them with a wide-sized brim. In military forces, there was the use of patrol caps. But that patrol cap gets replaced by the Boonie hat because of the hot climates as protection.

15.  Coonskin Hat

Coonskin Cap has its origin back to the South American Indians. They used to wear it as a clothing piece. Sometimes, this coonskin hat has been headwear for hunting uses. However, this coonskin cap is like hat fashioned. It comes from the raccoon skin and fur.

16.  Deerstalker

Have you seen this hat in Sherlock Holmes? We can assure you that. This Deerstalker has a design in a way where it can serve as protection during hunting. The climate of Scotland is worse. As a result, this deerstalker hat was used to provide warmth. It is a close-fitting tweed hat with front brims and ear flaps under the area of the chin.

17.  Fedora

Fedora is a soft felt hat. It has a medium-sized brim and lengthwise a crease around a crown. Made of wool and cashmere, Fedora holds a beaver felt.

18.  Fez

This “fez” hat is relatable to the Moroccan city named Fez. It is a red-colored hat in a truncated cone shape. Fez is a popular hat as Tarboosh. Modern Fez has had much popularity since the time of the Ottoman era.

19.  Fulani hat

We have already discussed the conical hat. Fulani hat is kind of similar to that being covered in leather with a brim at the top. The name “Fulani” comes from the “Fulani” people living in West Africa. It is a tradition to wear by the Wodaabe subgroup.

20.  Homburg Hat

Homburg is a fur-felt hat with a semi-formal tradition. It has a single dent characterization running down the gutter crown’s center. The tradition has been an offer colored in Black and Grey.

21.  Hard Hat

Hard is a round-shaped and rigid-formed helmet. It has a small brim used to protect the users in industrial or construction site-related environments. It protects the worker’s head from any object falling into injury.

22.  Keffiyeh

Keffiyeh is a headwear that has its origin back in Mesopotamia. Mostly, this represents Palestinian solidarity and the cause of righteousness. It is not a scarf but rather a headgear made of cotton.

23.  Kippah

The kippah is a small head covering that traditionally originated back from the Jewish community. Only Men always wear this Kippah or kippot. Even, a few non-Orthodox communities wear kippot to practice their different customs.

24.  Mitre

Mitre is a headwear, well-known in the traditional Christianity religion. In the Catholic and Orthodox Church, Mitre is a wearable gear.

25.  Montera

Montera, A crocheted hat gear, is a full-worn hat by the Bullfighters. It is a traditional headwear listed in the Iberian Folk costume.

26.  Panama

Panama, being a straw hat, is well-made in Ecuador. Panama hat is more popular than an Ecuadorian or a Toquilla hat.

27.  Pillbox hat

A pillbox is a small, shaped hat with straight sides and a flat crown with no brim. Women use it the most.

28.  Pith Helmet

Pith is lightweight yet rigid in nature. It is well-made of pith or cork with front and back brims, worn by Europeans. You can recognize this hat by other names such as Safari, Sun, Topee, or Topi.

29.  Santa

Santa is a red hat with a floppy pointed. Santa hat is associated with Christmas, trimmed in White Fur.

30.  Sombrero

A sombrero is a Mexican-original hat with a conical crown. It is wide and has a saucer-shaped brim. Being a highly embroidered hat, Sombrero works as a shield from the sun.

31.  Stetson/ Cowboy Hat

Stetson has good recognition as a cowboy hat. It has a sweatband widely brimmed included inside and a decorative band on the outer part.

32.  Tam o’Shanter

A Tam O’ shanter hat is a Scottish bonnet original. It gets worn by men. The name is also recognizable as “Tammie.” It is made of acrylic wool named tartan maintaining high quality.

33.  Top Hat

It has a name as a beaver hat or a hat of a magician. We mostly see this type of hat on Cartoon characters.

34.  Toque

A toque, a tall, pleated, or brimless hat has its origin back in the 13th century in Europe. Chefs used to wear this Toque-named hat.

35.  Tyrolean Hat

In Europe, we see this type of Tyrolean named headgear. The name comes from the Tyrol Alps. The other names are Bavarian and Alpine Hat.

36.  Tricorne

The Tricorne Hat is a head covering usually for men for centuries. One of the fashionable ideals is the tricorne is to highlight the wig’s fashion and social status.

37.  Tuque

Tuque is a wool-made knitted cap that is worn in winter. It provides warmth and a fashionable outlook.

38.  Turban

Turban is a single cloth piece looking like a scarf. It is a customary headgear worn by different cultural people, mostly from the Indian Subcontinent. Turbans are popular as “Pagri.”

39.  Ushanka

In Russia, Ushanka defines itself as a fur hat with ear flaps. The ushi means ears.

What do We Mean by “Caps?”

Cap is another form of headwear where the crown fits the head closely. It has a brim or visor. The cap has separate designs for warmth. With a visor, the cap tries to block sunlight from the eyes for protection. Cap comes in various sizes and shapes.

The Basic parts of a cap are as follows:

Front panel: The front panel is a piece of material that makes up the front of the hat. It is typically located at the center of the hat, above the visor or brim.

Top button: The top button is a small, decorative button that is often placed at the top of the hat, near the crown. It is used to add visual interest to the hat and may be used to fasten the hat in place on the head.

Eyelet: An eyelet is a small, decorative hole that is often placed on the top of the hat, near the crown. It is used to add ventilation to the hat and may also be used as a decorative element.

Crown stitches: Crown stitches refer to the lines of stitching that are used to attach the various pieces of material together to form the crown of the hat. These stitches are typically visible on the outside of the hat and may be used to add decorative elements or to shape the crown of the hat.

Back panel: The back panel is a piece of material that makes up the back of the hat. It is typically located at the center of the hat, above the visor or brim.

Side panel: The side panel is a piece of material that makes up the side of the hat. It is typically located at the side of the hat, above the visor or brim.

Bill: The bill is the part of the hat that extends out from the front of the crown and shades the face from the sun. It is usually made of a flexible material, such as fabric or leather, and is attached to the crown of the hat. The size and shape of the bill can vary depending on the style of the hat.

Parts of Basic Cap

More than 60+ Different Caps Styles are as follows:

  1. Ascot
  2. Ayam
  3. Baseball
  4. Baggy Grene
  5. Bearskin
  6. Beret
  7. Biretta
  8. Cap of Maintenance
  9. Casquette
  10. Caubeen
  11. Caul
  12. Coif
  13. Combination cap
  14. Coppola
  15. Cricket
  16. Do-Rag
  17. Dutch
  18. Flat
  19. Fitted (Other names: Kerry cap, paddy longshoremen’s, scally, golf, ivy, Wigens, duffer, driving, bicycle, Jeff)
  20. Field
  21. Forage
  22. Gandhi
  23. Garrison
  24. Glengarry
  25. Greek Fisherman’s
  26. International
  27. Juliet
  28. Karakul
  29. Kepi
  30. Kippah
  31. Keffiyah
  32. Kufi
  33. Lika
  34. M43 Field Cap
  35. Mao
  36. Monmouth
  37. Newsboy
  38. Nightcap
  39. Nurse
  40. Ochipok
  41. Papakhi
  42. Patrol
  43. Peaked
  44. Phrygian
  45. Rastacap
  46. Sailor
  47. Shako
  48. Sindhi
  49. Snapback
  50. Sports Visor
  51. Square Academic
  52. Stormy Kromer
  53. Swim
  54. Tam o’Shanter
  55. Taqiyah
  56. Toque
  57. Trucker
  58. Tubeteika
  59. Ushanka
  60. Utility
  61. Zucchetto

The 64 Different Styles of Caps in 2023

Looking for any accessories that will instantly change your look? Think about caps! Well, we are certainly sure about the coolest caps worldwide. Hence, we bring them all for you here in the following list, check it out for more details. They are as follows:

1.      Ascot

Ascot cap is popular by two main names: Cuffley and Lippincott. It is a man’s wear like a flat cap. The only difference is its hardness and the round shape.

2.      Ayam

Ayam is a traditional winter cap in Korea, worn by women. They are well-known as “awgeom,” which means “covering the forehead.” It protects women from getting cold.

3.      Baby Caps

Babies are difficult to maintain for parents as they lose a great amount of heat. This head comes from their heads and parents have a tough time regulating the body temperature. A baby hat covers the baby’s head and reduces heat loss.

4.      Baseball Cap

Baseball is a special and soft cotton cap that is rounded in nature. There is a stiff bill in the front of the baseball cap.

5.      Baggy Green

A cricket cap colored green color. Australian cricketers of the 20th century used to wear this baggy green myrtle color.

6.      Barretinas

This cap is a symbol of Catalan identity, worn with the flopping down at the top.

7.      Bearskin

It is a large fur cap named Bearskin, worn as a military uniform. This headgear used to belong to the grenadier and regiment’s military. After that, British guards of the Queen used to wear that for 200 years.

8.      Beret Cap

The beret is a soft rounded cap that is woven in nature. It also comes from hand-knitted wool and acrylic fiber.

9.      Biretta

Biretta is a square cap of three to four peaks or rounded ridges. It used to be worn by Roman Catholic and European Lutheran Clergy.

10. Cap of Maintenance

A cap of maintenance is an old cap first granted to York. It is a typical cap of British heraldry.

11. Casquette

Casquette is a cotton cap peaked in traditional wear. Racing cyclists wear this casquette as a fashionable item in European countries.

12. Caubeen

The caubeen cap is a beret of Ireland. It used to be worn by peasants. British Army calls this Caubeen cap a bonnet or Irish, and green.

13. Cotton Cap

Cotton cap offers the most comfort. This headwear provides an excellent warmth level made from a flowery shrub. This cotton cap comes in a different style.

14. Caul Cap

A caul is a headdress for women. This cap covers the tied-up hair. Historically, this caul cap is made of satin or brocade. There is the theme that A caul cap brings the user good luck with protection from drowning.

15. Coif

A coif cap is a close-fitted cap. It is worn by unisex- men and women. This headdress comes from the 16th-century tradition as a legal headgear.

16. Combination cap

A combination cap is a versatile designed cap. The primary component is a frame of different covers. This cap is worn by the U.S. Navy.

17. Coppola

A Coppola cap is a flat cap worn in Sicily and Calabria. In Italy, Coppola is a symbol of Sicilian.

18. Cricket Cap

It is a special soft cap named Cricket cap. The cricket cap offers a tight-fitting skull cap. It has 6 sections where there is a small crescent shape.

19. Do-Rag

Do-rag is a scarf worn on the head. It is a close-fitting cloth that comes around the head and is tied in the back part.

20. Fleece caps

Fleece cap is the softest caps made of sheep wool. It has deep and soft piles that protect the skin. Many styles come with caps for instance trapper, half-face masks, hoods, hood scarf, and snowboards.

21. Flat Cap

The flat cap is a causal upper-class wearer cap. For pigeon shooting or hunting, these caps get used. It is easy to pull off.

22. Fitted (Other names: Kerry cap, paddy longshoremen’s, scally, golf, ivy, Wigens, duffer, driving, bicycle, Jeff)

The fitted cap is also well-known as a dad hat. It is short and has a folded brim. This cap has no mechanism for adjusting the cap size. But it has closed backs with no such free opening.

23. Field Cap

The field cap is like a patrol hat. It is a soft kepi constructed like a baseball cap. Also, the field cap is a stiff and rounded visor. Military personnel wears this type of field cap in combat training.

24. Forage

Forage caps are small caps. It is worn by British cavalrymen during work duties. It is among the various type of military undress.

25. Gandhi

Gandhi’s cap is a white-colored side cap. It has a point in the front and back parts. Gandhi’s cap is made of khadi and is named after Mahatma Gandhi, an Indian leader.

26. Garrison

The Garrison cap is also a flight cap. This cap is head wearer in the air force in facilitating the radio headset during the flights.

27. Glengarry

Glengarry is a bonnet-shaped cap for Scottish people. It is a woolen material designed with a cookie at the top and a cockade on the left. This cap can be an alternative to Tam O’ Shanter or formal or informal cap.

28. Greek Fisherman’s

A Greek fisherman’s cap is a skipper cap, known as a fiddler or Breton cap as well. The color of this cap is black, sometimes navy blue. This cap comes from corduroy or blue denim fabric.

29. Golf Caps

Golf caps are small yet stiff on the front part with a brim. The material is wool, cotton, and tweed. It provides comfort and warmth.

30. Juliet

Juliet’s cap is more like a veil. It receives its name after the cloche cap in a bell-shaped work. Juliet Capulet used to portray this cap in the iconic play of Shakespeare “Romeo and Juliet” in the 16th century.

31. Karakul or Qaraqul

The name is the Karakul hat and sometimes, a Jinnah cap. This cap comes from the sheep fur of the Qaraqul breed.

32. Kepi

The kepi is a military cap including leather at the peak or cord. This kepi comes from the Algerian war that occurred in the 19th century.

33. Lika

The name “Lika” comes from the region named Lika situated in Croatia. This cap is part of their national costume and is worn by Croats and mostly Serbs. The shape is cylinder-like with a red color flat on the top.

34. M43 Field Cap

The M43 Field cap is a headgear from World War 2. This cap was worn by Germany Elite Army.

35. Monkey Cap

A monkey cap is a headgear designed to expose the face only.

36. Monmouth

The Monmouth cap is a woolen headgear. It became fashionable from the late 15th century to the 18th century. The name “Monmouth” comes from the town named Monmouth situated in Southeast Wales.

37. Newsboy Cap

The newsboy cap is a casual wear dress cap. It is like the flat cap named a newsie cap.

38. Nurse Cap

The Nurse cap derives from the nun’s habit. It is long and covers the hair. There is another type of this nurse cap which is short.

39. Ochipok

Ochipok is a headdress for women. The traditional Ukrainian women used to wear this folk dress. It is embroidery decorated.

40. Papakha

The Papakha cap is a traditional headgear of the Caucasus people. It is a pride for the people. The other name of this cap is the astrakhan hat.

41. Polyester Cap

The polyester cap is wrinkle-resistant in nature. The cap is a synthetic fiber made. They are easy to wear and smooth to the touch.

42. Peaked

The peaked cap is flat and circulated at the top and has a visor. The peaked cap is also known as a combination cap that we discussed before.

43. Phrygian

The Phrygian cap is Greek-derived. It is a foreign captive symbol. This cap symbolizes freedom from slavery, the idea of Ancient Europe.

44. Rastacap

A rasta cap is a large rounded yet crocheted cap. The Rasta men have their locks flow. This cap represents the Rastafarians who wear turbans.

45. Sailor

Sailor’s caps have another name-duck cap. This cap is black colored with a silk ribbon, tied around the cap base. It is the identity of the ship sailor.

46. Shako

A shako is a cylindrical cap for military use. It has a visor and a tap at the top. There is also a designed badge on the front side with pompoms.

47. Sindhi

Most people know this cap as ‘Sindhi topi.’ It is a skullcap popularly known by Sindhis. Sindhi cap derives its name from the region Sindh, situated in Pakistan.

48. Snapback

The snapback cap is the type of baseball cap. It is adjustable in nature. This cap regained its popularity during the late 90s.

49. Sports Visor

A sports visor is a sun visor, a crownless type. It consists of a visor and even a brim included with a strap.

50. Stormy Kromer

This cap is a wool hat popular in the United States. Hunters and outdoor men use this cap.

51. Swim

The swim cap has a small protection layer against hair damage due to chlorine. It keeps the head warm but does not wish to keep the hair dry.

52. Taqiyah

Taqiyah is prevalent in Shia Muslim society. It conceals the faith associated with a revealing impact during danger.

53. Tubeteika

Although it is a Russian word, it denotes the Central Asian cap variety. In central Asian countries, people wear this cap.

54. Zucchetto

A Zucchetto cap symbolizes the duty that a Bishop has. The cap is form-fitting for Catholic churches.


We understand that it is difficult to figure out the best hat and cap style among these different and diversified ranges. For your convenience, we have seized up the hat and cap styles separately in this guide. Both hats and caps are classic for a good reason, but they have come a long way by shaping in 2023. This year, give yourself a new look by trying out the best fit by choosing from this style guide.

More than 100+ Different Styles of Hats and Caps: Explained with Pictures
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