An Overview of Wet Processing

An Overview of Wet Processing

The wet process must have to do for both Woven and knit fabrics. It’s a textile engineering department. It is a very sensitive process done by chemicals and water. Mainly wet processing includes three processes. These are:

  • Pretreatment
  • Coloration
  • Finishing

an overview of wet processing Wet Processing


Pretreatment is the treatment before Coloration process. The main objective of pretreatment is to make ready for coloration. All the steps of pretreatment should follow:

  • Singeing
  • Desizing
  • Scouring
  • Bleaching
  • Mercerizing


Coloration is to color the textile material using dyes or pigment. Two processes of coloration are:

  • Dyeing
  • Printing


Finishing is done to make useable, getting comfortable wear. Some Finishing process is:

  • Soft Finish
  • Hard Finish
  • Medium Finish
  • Urea Finish
  • Curing
  • Heat setting

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Flow Chart of Wet Processing of Woven Fabrics

Wet processing is related with the manufactured gathering of fibers, filaments and for yarns. It is a process involved with the aqueous stage of pretreatment, dyeing, printing and finishing.

Wet Processing

In a broader sense wet processing is the process of inspection of grey fabric, stitching, singeing, resizing, scouring, bleaching, sample testing, mercerizing, souring, washing, sample testing, dying, after treatment, printing, finishing, quality test of sample, assure quality, inspection, rolling, packing and finally deliver to buyer.

Wet processing is very important process of fabric. It is a Textile engineering department. Wet processing engineering is one of the major streams in textile engineering refers to textile chemical processing engineering and applied science.There a lot of factory just for wet processing call dying industry/mill.

wet processing

Flow Chart of Wet Processing of Woven Fabrics

  • Sample tests after bleaching: pH, Absorbency, whiteness, Tegwa
  • Sample test after Mercerizing: pH, Absorbency

Quality test after finishing: all quality test according to buyer requirement and keep all quality of their want.

Written by

A.M. Amirul Islam (Washim)
E-mail: [email protected]
Cell : +8801929643301