Sample Quality Check List for Apparel Industry

Sample Quality Check List for Apparel Industry

The sample represents bulk garments, for any type of quality check, the quality control manager chooses garments as a sample basis rather than checking of the whole amount. Sampling plays a very important role in the garments manufacturing. By approving sample, buyer approves to start bulk production of garments. Sample quality checking is mandatory functions required by the customer (buyer) for the apparel industry. Every factory has a sample section to make sample garments. Sample quality has to be the best product as much as possible because based on sample garments buyers will place an order. A checklist follows for checking sample quality of garments. For your better understanding, I made a Sample Quality Check List for Apparel Industry. Hope this will be helpful for you to do a quality check of your sample garments.

Garments Sample

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Key Points of Sample Quality Check List of Garments

  1. PO sheet
  2. Approved trim card
  3. Approved sample
  4. Production PDM
  5. Measurement
  6. Defects
  7. Visual outlook

Sample Quality Check List for Apparel Industry

Quality Check List for Apparel Industry

Order Details/QA Style File

  1. PO Sheet
  2. Production PDM/Bulk PDM
  3. Approved Sampling
  4. Approved Trim Cards
  5. Body Fabric
  6. Trim/Contrast Fabric
  7. Pocketing Fabric
  8. Twill Tape/Drawstring

Approved Label

  1. Main Label/Heat Seal Label
  2. Size Label
  3. Care Label
  4. Cargo pocket Label

Approved Trims

  1. Fusible Interlining
  2. All Sewing Thread
  3. Button
  4. Zipper
  5. Velcro


  1. Embroidery
  2. Print
  3. Rhinestone

Approved Ticketing/Finishing Trims

  1. UPC
  2. Size Stripe
  3. Billboard
  4. Hang Tag
  5. Marketing Tag
  6. Hanger/Sizer

Wash Verification Report

  1. Approved Wash Standard/V-Code
  2. Shade band/ Leg Panel
  3. SHADE (B – base color) Light or dark
  4. A- (abrasion) Less or heavy
  5. T- (Tint) Heavy or less
  6. C- (coverage all dry process)
  7. H- (Hand feel) Hard or soft

Lab Test Report

  1. Button Pull Test Report
  2. Button Torque Test Report
  3. Garments Test Report
  4. In-house Lab Test Report

Finishing, packing, and Folding

  1. Ironing/Pressing
  2. Folding & Packing
  3. Polybag
  4. Folding Method
  5. Review Summary
  6. Top Defects

Download: Sample Quality Check List for Apparel Industry (excel)

Sample Quality Check List for Apparel Industry (pdf)

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Purchase Order Sheet of Garments Manufacturing

Purchase Order Sheet of Garments Manufacturing

Purchase Order sheet is simply known as PO sheet. Purchase order sheet of garments manufacturing (PO sheet) is commonly used important document for Garments Manufacturing. Basically purchase order sheet contains the information of confirmation of buyer order. To clarify some important manufacturing and technical issues buyer has to provide PO Sheet. In a PO sheet there may have information of product style, PO number, fabric cost, trims cost, garments unit cost, order quantity, shipment date, shipment destination and many others important things.

purchase order sheet of garments manufacturing

Purchase Order (PO) sheet is necessary for every department of Apparel Industry. Without PO sheet you will not be able to know about your shipment date, shipping destination, over ship or under ship tolerance, payment term. That’s why this document (PO sheet) is such an important.

Information Include in Purchase Order (PO)

Considering the importance of this document I have made a list of basic information which may include in PO Sheet.

  1. PO Number
  2. Style/Lot Number
  3. Order Quantity
  4. Shipment Date
  5. Unit Cost
  6. Total Cost of that PO
  7. Factory Name
  8. Vendor Name
  9. Shipping Address
  10. Overseas Port reach Date
  11. Sourcing Agent
  12. Shipment Terms
  13. LC Number
  14. Fabric Supplier Name and Code
  15. Fabric Content
  17. Trims and Accessories cost
  18. Product Category
  19. Season
  20. Description
  21. Goods Description
  22. Size wise Order Quantity
  23. Transaction Policy
  24. Payment Terms
  25. Necessary Instruction
  26. Terms and Conditions
  27. Overship Tolerance
  28. Undership Tolerance

Explanation of key terms of Purchase Order

Following explanation may help you to understand the key terms of PO sheet

PO Number: PO number is unique purchase order number which is fixed by buyer.

Style: As per garments category or Color buyer separated by different style name.

Season: Buyer divide a year in 3 or 4 or more seasons as per overseas weather and their consumer demand.

Unit Cost: Unit cost mean cost of single garments. It can be FOB, Cnf or C.I.F.

Goods Description: Description about goods which can be long or short. Top or Bottom wear.

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