Flow Chart of Textile A to Z

Flow Chart of Textile A to Z or Sequence of Textile A to Z

Textile manufacturing industry is a large sector dealing with many process. The textile manufacturing is not a new idea. If we look back the history of textile manufacturing we can get the idea that people using it according to their needs and the way of manufacturing is changing day by day. Textile manufacturing mainly deals with conversion of fibre into yarn, then yarn into fabric and then finally fabric into textiles.

It’s very difficult to create a flowchart of textile manufacturing. Here I am presenting the textile manufacturing flow chart in shortly. This process includes getting textile raw materials, fiber making, yarn manufacturing, fabric manufacturing, wet processing, garments manufacturing or clothing, fashion design, textile calculation and finally marketing.

flow chart of textile A to Z

Flow Chart/ Sequence of Textile A to Z

Several types of calculation is required to be calculated for every stages of this process. Basic cost includes process costing, production, cloth consumption, all types of direct and indirect costing. After calculating cost of every department then profit can be identified which is the one of the main concern of the manufacturers.

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