Gas Singeing

Description of Gas singeing

As I mentioned earlier to write about gas singeing today I am going to discuss about Gas singeing method and also going to share a comparison study of Plate singeing, Roller singeing and gas singeing

Gas Singeing Machine

This machine consists of one or more burners giving continuous flat or vertical flames, produced by mixture of compressed air and gas. When fabric passes over the flame and singeing is done as require.

gas singeing

Gas Singeing Process Sketch

There are various types of machines depending on burns design. The speed of machines 72-90 m/min depending on cloth varieties. The machines are attached with water tank to save the fabric from any damage. Now a day’s various improved have been done in the machine design. Improper singeing may be lead to as much as 75% tensile strength loss in the warp directions.

Why gas singeing method is popular than other methods?

  1. Better singeing and projecting fibers of interstices is burned by the processes.
  2. Uniform singeing can be maintained.
  3. Smoothness and evenness of the fabric is increased.
  4. Groove is produced in other singeing machines but gas singeing machines is saving from that problem.
  5. Gas flame can be changed according to fabric with.
  6. Production is height than other machines.
  7. Both side of the fabric can be singeing.

Due to the above facilities this gas machine more popular than other machines.

Difference among Plate singeing, Roller singeing and Gas singeing

Plate singeing

Roller singeing Gas singeing
Inter stitches fibres not burned. Same as plate. Inter stitches fibres are burn out.
Due to mental plate friction surface become smooth and luster. Same as plate singeing. Extra luster is not produced.
Fabric moves plate stationary. Both move opposite direction.  Fabric moves only.
Even temperature maintaining is problem. Better than plate singeing. Burning is used.
Metal plate is used. Metal roller is used. Gas flame is used.
Speed:150-250 yards/min. Less than plate singeing. Speed250-400 yards/min.
One side is signed. One side is signed. Both sides are signed.

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