Introduce with High Volume Instrument

Introduce with High Volume Instrument (HVI) Advanced fiber testing system high volume instrument is used to determine fiber properties in bale management system. It is fiber classing system. HVI is used to determine fiber length, strength, maturity, micronaire and other properties of the cotton fiber. HVI test report helps to… Continue reading

Flow Chart of Garments Sample Making

A sample is a key to getting buyer order. It represents the whole production. So we have to be careful about sample making. All garment manufacturers maintain all the quality of their sample. Before placing a final order a garments buyer ask for a sample and it is garments maker’s responsibility… Continue reading

Flow Chart of Bale Management

Bale management is the first step of spinning. 40% yarn quality come from bale management. Good bale management give good result in yarn manufacturing. Good mixing depends on good bale management. Flow chart of Bale management Raw cotton => Bale-Moisture % test => Collect sample (Every bale) => Sample testing… Continue reading

Overview of Modern Auto Cone Winding Machine

Auto cone is a modern yarn winding machine. It is use to prepare bigger package from ring bobbin. It is just not only has a winding machined, there also some extra specification of this machine. An Overview of Modern Auto Cone Winding Machine Features of auto cone winding •    Auto… Continue reading

Objects of Fabric Spreading

Fabric spreading is a process by which fabric plies are spread in order to obtain the required length and width according to the marker dimension. One of the main objects of fabric spreading is cut garments in bulk and saving in fabric. Description of Fabric Spreading Spreading means the smooth… Continue reading

Qualities of a Good Merchandiser

10 Qualities a Successful Merchandiser Should Have Merchandising is the process of getting the right merchandise to the right people in the right place at the right time. This process also ensures the delivery of the right quantity to the buyers. A person responsible for these functions is basically merchandiser.… Continue reading

Basic Operation in Blow Room

Blow Room: There are some methods of opening the mass of fibers into small tufts before further processing. This process of opening & clean is known as blow room process. Blow room consists of a number of m/c degree 40% to 70% trash is removed in this section. Blow Room… Continue reading

Top Textile Universities in Bangladesh

We have conducted a survey to draw a conclusion about the ranking of top textile Universities in Bangladesh. Basically, we collect data from those who are active in the social network. Total of 633 people participate in this survey; most of them are textile engineering students and textile engineers. Out… Continue reading

Pattern Making in Garments

The pattern is a hard paper which is made by following each individual component for a style of garments. The appearance and fit of garments are highly dependent on each process. In the development of a garment pattern making is one of the most important steps. Pattern Making in Garments… Continue reading

Blending in Spinning Mill

Blending may be defined as a condition in which every fibre characteristic is found in the same proportion as in the original blending within every unit cross section of the yarn .Fibre blending has been practiced since the beginning of the cotton textile industry due to the variation in the… Continue reading