GPQ Job Responsibilities in Apparel Industry

GPQ Job Responsibilities in Apparel Industry GPQ in Garments: GPQ stand for ‘guideline for production and quality’, work to implement buyer quality requirement in the garments factory.  Generally, GPQ works as a helping hand of buyer QC (Quality Control) in garments from the factory end. To get the best quality product… Continue reading

Job Description of a Sewing Operator

Job Description of a Sewing Operator and Training of Sewing Operator The operator is the driver of a garments factory. Operator sews garments to produce the final product. Sewing operators have some certain job responsibility. The job responsibilities of a sewing operator need to mention in the job description of… Continue reading

12 Qualities of a Fashion Designer

12 Qualities of a Fashion Designer The fashion designer is the key persons responsible for bringing stylish clothing. Although the style is based on region, culture, religion, and individual choices. But there are many things, a fashion designer can offer by using their creative mind. Many people born with the… Continue reading

Sewing Machine Maintenance in Garments

Sewing Machine Maintenance in Garments Maintenance is the routine job for keeping sewing machine fit for garments manufacturing. Every factory assign maintenance team to ensure the proper functioning of a sewing machine. Sewing Machine maintenance team make Schedule and take preventive action. Proper maintenance of sewing machine will ensure the… Continue reading

Cutting, Sewing, Washing and Finishing Defects in Garments

Cutting, Sewing, Washing and Finishing Defects in Garments Garments quality depends on controlling defects created in different parts of garments manufacturing. Because of the complex manufacturing system in the apparel industry, defects are generated. So it’s a very big deal to control the quality in the apparel industry. Though Trims… Continue reading

Visual Merchandising

Visual Merchandising Now visual merchandising is a widely used tool to bring success to the retail business. Visual Merchandising is getting higher acceptance because of its ability to visualize the idea. Attract the target customer through creating a visual effect on their mind. which induce to buy a product from… Continue reading

Compliance Audit Checklist in Apparel Industry

Compliance Audit in Apparel Industry A compliance audit is one kind of audit which is specially designed for auditing the compliance issues related with the apparel industry. Different regulatory authorities set different type of regulatory issues. And buyers of garments ask from the company whether they are following their required compliance or not.… Continue reading

Trainee Merchandiser Job Description

Trainee Merchandiser Job Description A trainee merchandiser post is an entry-level post of a merchandiser. A trainee merchandiser will be promoted as a merchandiser and then senior merchandiser. Sometimes a trainee merchandiser is known as a junior merchandiser. The post title varies from company to company. Before recruiting a trainee merchandiser,… Continue reading

What is Merchandising

What is Merchandising? Merchandising is a process of selling goods and services. The process of merchandising starts with identifying target customers, setting a price for a particular product, do negotiation and finally deliver the product to the customer. I asked the question what is merchandising to several people who are… Continue reading

Sample Quality Check List for Apparel Industry

Sample Quality Check List for Apparel Industry The sample represents bulk garments, for any type of quality check, the quality control manager chooses garments as a sample basis rather than checking of the whole amount. Sampling plays a very important role in the garments manufacturing. By approving sample, buyer approves to start… Continue reading