What is dye

What is dye? A dye or dye stuff is usually a colored organic compound or mixture that is used for imparting color to a substrate such as cloth, paper, plastic or leather in a reasonably permanent fashion. In other words, a dyed substrate should be resistance to a normal laundry or cleaning procedures.   Dye can be synthetic or natural…
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What is Pigments

What is Pigments? Pigments are such colorants which composed of particles that are insoluble in the application medium. They have no substantivity for the material since the particles are too large to penetrate into the substrate. They are generally present on the surface of the substrate. That’s why pigments are made fixed with an adhesive to the surface so that…
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Classification of Dyes

Before discussing about the classification of dyes lets have some idea of dyes and what can be the basic characteristics of dyes. Dyes A dye is a such type of colorant substance which is capable of imparting it’s color to a given substance, by being soluble in the application medium (usually water) at some points during the coloration process. In…
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