Calculation of Earnings and Loss for Garments Industry

Calculation of Earnings and Loss for Garments Industry

Calculation of earnings and loss for garments industry is required to monitor whether factory operation is generation expected revenue or not. Based on your calculation of earnings and loss you can set production target to meet your expected level of profit for your business.

Calculation of Earnings and Loss Template

As sewing is one of the main operation of garments, you can take sewing as a factor and calculate earnings accordingly. You can use same formula for calculating profit or loss of your industry after shipment of your final product.

Calculation of Earnings and Loss for Garments Industry

Let’s see the calculation at a glance.

Suppose, Your Factory’s last 3 Month Expenditure= 1466400$

So, Per month Expenditure = (1466400$/3) = 488800$

So, Daily Expenditure = (488800$/26) = 18800$ [if fty run 26 days per month]

Your fty produced = 8800 Units per day

Per GMTS CM= 2.20$ (It’s vary style to style, you need to calculate style wise from buyer given CM)

Then, Daily Earnings = (8800 X2.20$) $ = 19360$

So, Your Daily Earnings = (19360$-18800$) = 560$

Production Report

Template for Calculating Earnings and Loss for Garments Industry

I have developed an excel template to calculate earnings and loss for your convenience. You can use this template for any industry; specially for your daily garments production. I hope this will give you well understanding.  You can download this template for free, just click on daily production & CM earnings report.

Daily Production & CM Earning Report

This template includes:

  1. Production report
  2. Production chart
  3. Earning calculation and report
  4. Per unit CM (Style wise)

This template can be very helpful for any Garments professional. Based on the output of this template you can prepare your report maintaining professionalism.

You will get not only earnings and loss report but also production report. In this way it will be helpful for everybody to see actual status of a factory. If you face any problem of understanding then please do not hesitate to contact with me.

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Visual Merchandising Implementation Techniques

Visual Merchandising Implementation Techniques and Its Importance in Retail Apparel Showrooms

This is the article about visual merchandising implementation techniques and importance of the visual merchandising in apparel retail showrooms. Through implementing these techniques you can increase the sales rate and increase the visitors. Visual   merchandising   is   a   process   of   enhancing   and embellishing   of a   product   or   brands   to   attract   the   customer   by   the   way of display. Here window display is shown in the figure: 1

Visual Merchandising Implementation Techniques and Its Importance in Retail Apparel ShowroomsObjective of Visual Merchandising

By visual merchandising it helps our showroom or   retail shop looks tidy and neat. It avoids the time taken for product searching and confusion of products for customers. It also increases the customer visit to the shops and showrooms. Also promote new brand and new product in market.

visual merchandising objectives

Tools and Techniques used for Visual Merchandising

There are lot of tools used for Visual merchandising. Such as

  • Lights
  • Mannequins
  • Marquees
  • Banners
  • Sound

Lighting’s are a powerful tool of visual merchandising between retailer and consumer. Some various types of   lights are used in visual merchandising. Spot light and focus light is used in ceilings. Ceiling height will be varying with different showrooms or shops. In warehouse or discount mass merchant   the ceiling or mounting height will be in high level. In department stores or specialty have the medium ceiling height .In boutique and designer showrooms the ceiling height will be low. The spot light ceiling is used to express the bright color products. The focus light ceiling is used to expose light color product as bright. The LED lights are used for display and decorative purpose.


There are several types of mannequins used in retail shops and showrooms.

  • Natural mannequins
  • Faceless mannequins
  • Headless mannequins
  • Abstract mannequins
  • Bendy mannequins
  • Leg mannequins
  • Head mannequins

Natural mannequins: These type of mannequins looks like a real human being. It poses like human beings. These types of mannequins are mostly made up of wax.

Faceless mannequins: It is a type of mannequin which is like faceless. They have a blank face doesn’t have any emotions in their face. It is mostly in black and fleshed skin colour. These mannequins are used in display of ladies lingerie like brassieres etc.

Headless mannequins: This is one type of mannequins which doesn’t have the head. it is mostly used to display wigs, clothes, bags, shoes…etc.

Abstract mannequins: It’s a type of mannequins which is unique from others. It is made up of glass fibre material.

Bendy mannequins: It is very flexible mannequins with adjustable body parts and it is easy to dislocate parts to wear the garment. We can make different type desirable poses according to garment with bendy mannequins.

Leg mannequins: These are mannequins of mid –thigh to foot. This type is used in stockings display.

Head mannequins: These are mostly used to display wigs and fancy hats.


This is a special type of tool used to display brand name or store name in exterior and interior. It helps in identification of store or brand.


It helps in background   presentation of a product.

  1. SOUND

Sound doesn’t comes under visual, but it also correlation with visual merchandising. This gives pleasant environment to customer while purchasing. Mild music and karoke are used in retail showrooms and shops.

Visual Merchandising Techniques used in Retail Showrooms

  • Creating themes and stories
  • Blocking
  • Co-ordination
  • Triangular formation
  • Signage

Creating Themes and Stories

It is a type of technique in visual merchandising, to attract customers and get a best result. Theme or story should be simple and easy to understand. If we are using words to express our theme or stories, too much of words will get bored to customer.


Blocking is a technique of separating the products in shelves. In blocking garments may be in plies or hankering. By blocking technique the customer can easily purchase their desirable product easily.


In this technique one main   product joined and coordinates some match able sub-products.     Ex:   For  displaying casual wear accessories like hand –bags, shoes are used.

Triangular Formation

It is technique which seems like triangle. The main product and low quantity product is in top and sub product of medium quantity is in middle and more quantity in lower.


Exposing the logo or brand label in product is signage. By signage it’s easy to identify brand and size.

Types of Visual Merchandising

There are two types of visual merchandising method followed in India. These are

  1. Product merchandising
  2. Departmental merchandising

Product Merchandising

In this, only one product is merchandised. It can be one product showroom. Ex: In a bag showroom bag can be only displayed.

Departmental Merchandising

Arrangement in each department is known as departmental merchandising.

Factors Affect Visual Merchandising

  • Traffic of products will make confusion in products and irritation.
  • Same and repetitive display will bore the customer.
  • Unpleasant smell and uncomforted aisle will affect the neat display

Some Eco Friendly Visual Merchandising

Some Eco Friendly Visual Merchandising

Here the draping done by using papers and tree leaves for attracting customer and get in them to shop. This draping done by students of Angel college of Engineering and Technology, Tirupur.


According to visual merchandising, the above is about tools, techniques, and factors are used to expose the display. Visual merchandising is a visual communication between retailer and consumer to make them purchase. In India Visual merchandising is done according to festivals. And the theme and story is also based on festival. It will surely help to increases the sales rating in showroom also increases the visitors of the apparel retail showrooms.



The author is currently an undergraduate student at the Department of Fashion Technology, Angel college of Engineering and Technology, Tirupur.

HerArea of interest is visual merchandising.

Email:[email protected]

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Simple Job Description of Merchandiser

Simple Job Description of Merchandiser

Merchandiser plays a very important role for getting and keeping key customers for the company through communicating and delivering the service as required. As merchandisers are responsible for contacting with clients (local or international) and make contact on behalf of the company he/she working for. Basically a merchandiser works as a media among buyers and sellers.

simple job description of merchandiser

A simple job description of merchandiser contains all probable list of responsibilities a merchandiser need to be done when working as a merchandiser for a particular company. Although the core responsibility of merchandiser is common for all level of merchandising but the job description can be different for different types (retail merchandiser, visual merchandising and fashion merchandiser) of merchandiser or different level (trainee merchandiser, junior merchandiser, assistant merchandiser, merchandiser and senior merchandiser) of merchandiser.

Core Responsibilities of Merchandiser

Under the core responsibilities all major merchandising tasks must need to perform by the merchandiser assigned by the organization. Adequate knowledge and experience may be required to do these tasks.

A merchandiser is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Ensure timely and regularly contact with the clients as required
  • Visiting suppliers/ manufacturers factory or business area to monitor the production quality according to the specification.
  • Calculating the consumption of different apparel items (shirts, pants, trousers, or any others). This to be done perfectly within a stipulated time.
  • Estimating cost of different consumption items so that on the basis of actual costing information contract can be made.
  • Negotiate with customer to fix the selling price of the goods

Additional Responsibilities of Merchandiser

In addition to the core responsibilities merchandiser may need to do additional task assigned by the superior or respective supervisor under whom he/she is working for.

  • Involve in planning and marketing activities if required by the selling and marketing department.
  • Prepare report daily, weekly and monthly basis to show the prospects of sales volume.
  • Make a list of potential customer and try to build good customer relationship with them.
  • Involve with sales promotional activities so that sales can increase.

Not necessarily the job description of merchandiser limited to all these above mentioned things, it may contains many other things those are considered important by the human resource manager.

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Visual Merchandiser

Visual Merchandiser

Visual merchandising is now one of the most demanding jobs for the merchandisers in European countries. With the change in choice of consumers and standard of living, people are now more conscious about fashion and visual appearance of goods and services. Person who is involved with visual merchandising is considered as visual merchandiser.

visual merchandiser

Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising is different from the any other traditional type of merchandising in a sense that for traditional merchandising, merchandisers actually work as a media or communicator between buyers and sellers. On behalf of seller a merchandiser deals with contacting with different current and prospective buyers located in local market and international market. But the visual merchandisers work for ensuring visualizing product or services more gorgeously to get the attention of the customer which helps to increase the sales.

visual merchandising

Basically the involvement of visual merchandising is more common in retail store where they work for the management of visual display of physical product to attract target customers.

Educational Qualifications of visual merchandiser

  • Bachelor degree from fashion designing institute with tremendous academic record.
  •  Bachelor degree of architecture with good exposure of designing
  • Student from marketing also can involve in visual merchandising but the important thing is, that person required to have knowledge about choice of customer and ability to visualize the outlook of the store and display of product which will get the attention of the customers.
  • A person do not have any academic qualification of fashion designing, apparel, architecture etc. can be a successful visual merchandiser only if he/she has real life experience and good exposure of visual merchandising. The important thing here is the experience that the person acquired through working and becomes a perfect visual merchandiser.

Qualities of a Good Visual Merchandiser

qualities of good visual merchandiser

Ability to Visualize

One of the main qualities of visual merchandisers is ability to visualize the outlook of store where product will be displayed. Before actually doing arrangement to give physical appearance of store it is required to visually how it will look like and whether this will serve our purpose or not. Also it is required to visually how the arrangement and the display of product will create a positive attitude towards the customers mind and influence the customer to actually buy the product.

perfect visual merchandising

Ability to Understand Customers Perception

The responsibility of visual merchandiser is to plan to decorate the shop in a way that will attract the customers those who come to the store and buy the product. So the important thing is understand the customer’s perception and choice then decorate and place the product in the right place in a right way. Which will helps to influence the buying behavior because the more attractive the product shows the more it will be demanded.

Good Communication Skills

Visual merchandisers sometimes assigned to arrange module of showroom for particular business which is going to participate in any kind of trader fair. To attract thousands of people it is required to make the show room attractive to the potential customers. So according to the requirement of different department, visual merchandiser needs to communicate with different people working in different departments, that why visual merchandisers have to have good communication skills.

In other sense a visual merchandiser actually communicate with customer through his/her creative arrangement of the product or services in the showroom.

Sense of Color and Design

As a visual merchandiser it is required to keep in mind the visual effect of the work because it will helps to create a positive first impression. You can use any color for decorating but using proper color can make things more gorgeous. Color of wall, color of roof, color of the floor, color of the structure everything matters. So special consideration must be given when selecting color, also for designing a product or service layout you have to consider the color combination that get the intention of the customer.

sense of color and desing of visual merchandiser

Creative Mind

A creative mind can brings innovative ideas which actually can create a huge impact in the market. Sometimes you can see that for new and unique design customers are ready to pay premium price that’s why companies always looking for creative mind so that they get the unique product through making and selling. A visual merchandiser must have the capability to think differently by using their creative mind for the company for which they are working for.

Awareness of Trends

Proper awareness of trends helps to work with the potential product. If a visual merchandiser is aware about the trend then he/she will work for ensuring the visual effect according to the market trends. On what basis customer choose their product, is it the quality or brand or any others factors. You can see that peoples are now more conscious about fashion, style, visual appearance, so merchandiser should keep in mind the current trends of the consumers demand.

Knowledge of Displaying Product

Proper knowledge of displaying a product is required to have by the visual merchandiser because, a product should have some specific qualities, features, price etc. These things must be visualized in a proper place with the product so that customer can get the idea about the product when they are observing the product.

Ability to Use Modern Technology

In every aspect of our life we are now dependent on modern technology, with the help of computer, internet we may have access of information located in web. As a visual merchandiser you can design outlet by using different AutoCAD software which help to see how design will looks like. On the other hand by using internet you can get the idea of latest trend, latest design, and latest concept of visual merchandising around the world.

use of modern technology by the visual merchandiser

These are the some of the qualities that a visual merchandiser required in his career. Although according to the product or store the concept may vary and also any other types of qualities may be required. The success of merchandiser depends on own qualities of how he/she can convince people to buy product. As merchandiser works as a mediator between buyer and seller they actually influence by using their words and attitudes. You may find many visual merchandisers working in a same company and they are devoting their effort to get the same goal of organizational success though increasing sales of product. And they are paid higher than other type of merchandiser because of their expertise.

If you want to be a good visual merchandiser then you have to understand how visual merchandising actually works and acquire knowledge about every aspects of merchandising. If you have the ability then you will definitely be successful in your merchandising of different sectors.

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Qualities of a Good Merchandiser

Merchandising is the process of getting right merchandise to the right people in the right place at the right time. This process also ensures the delivery of the right quantity to the buyers. Person responsible for these functions are basically merchandiser.

qualities of a good merchandiserMerchandiser can be of several types

Retail merchandiser

Person responsible for ensuring goods is in right stores, or online at the right time and the right price. They analyze data to set selling prices, and plan promotions and price reductions. In short, they maximize sales and profits whilst minimizing stock and costs. One of the common responsibilities of retail merchandising is helping visual merchandisers to make a plan of store layout.

retail merchandiserFashion merchandiser

Fashion merchandiser works for the buying and selling and promoting fashion items i.e clothing or other materials. The demand of fashion merchandisers are increasing because of increasing concern about fashion among people. The key role of fashion merchandise is to predict about the future fashion trends to ensure delivery of fashionable products according to the needs of the society.

fashion merchandiserVisual merchandiser

Visual merchandiser basically works for the purpose of setting a store layout and promote the business to maximize the sales of the company. Actually a successful visual merchandiser helps to increase the sales of a product through attracting potential buyers by visual merchandising.

visual merchandiser

Some common works or responsibilities of merchandiser are

  • Contacting with buyers (foreign or local buyers).
  • Visiting suppliers and manufacturers place to check the status of factory.
  • Negotiate with suppliers and buyers about the price of goods.
  • Communicate with other department of the company to ensure free flow of the activities.
  • Forecasting about the future demand of the product and report to the supervisors.
  • Sometimes they work directly or indirectly to promote the product by developing advertisement campaign and deliver it to appropriate media.

Qualities of a Good Merchandiser

To be a successful merchandiser it is required to have several qualities and this requirement depends on what type of merchandising job a person is involved with. For every type of merchandising job a person should have the following character and qualities:

  1. Ability to Create Halo Effect
  2. Ability to Calculate Fast and Accurate
  3. Decision Making
  4. Business Communication Skill
  5. Ability to Convince Buyers
  6. Ability to Work with Team Members
  7. Good Analytical Capability
  8. Enough Knowledge of Garments Industry
  9. Basic Computer Skills of Office Applications
  10. Hard Worker and Self Motivation

Ability to create halo effect

Halo effect is the first impression a person create to the others. A positive impression help to bring the outcome easily, but there is a huge negative effect of the negative impression. As a successful merchandiser, every merchandiser tries to create a good impression to their clients so that future dealings may become easy.

Ability to calculate

As a merchandiser you need to calculate several measurement and consumption which will help you to find the result easily and make a quick decision. Basic conversion factor must be known by the merchandisers. To improve these skills ones can practice more and more with numerical digit.

Quick Decision making

When dealing with clients sometimes merchandiser may require taking important decision, this should be quick enough so that normal flow of conversion not interrupt. Thinking power of a person helps to make a quick decision.

Communication Skills

This one is the most important skills of all types of merchandising jobs. Every merchandiser must have this communication skill because most of the time they need to contact with the clients or suppliers. Merchandisers make communication directly or over the phone call. Now a day’s communication with clients around the world is easier because of easy access to the internet.

Ability to Convince

Convincing power of a person added value to the personal skills, if a merchandiser can convince then it would be possible to get the order from the customers.

Ability to work in a team

Merchandiser work in large organization may require working in a team and the success of the team is depends on the cooperation and coordination among the group members. Those who can easily adapt in a group easily are getting extra support from the group members. In a merchandiser team a group o people work for a particular objective that’s why they need to have the ability and intention to work in a team. Remember one thing; a team is more effective than a group.

Analytical Ability

Analysis of the situation helps to identify future demand and supply of goods. If a merchandiser has a good analytical ability of trends then he will get some extra benefit.

Knowledge of the Industry

Every merchandiser must have adequate knowledge about the industry for which he is working. Lack of knowledge may lead to unsuccessful contract with the buyers. Think about it, if you do not have any idea of your industry and your product then how you will manage your customer. As merchandising is very challenging job ones must have clear concept about your own industry product and services.

Computer skills

Now a day’s virtual media is one of the easiest ways to communicate with each other where computer holding the important part of it. Any kind of record keeping or forming database these technologies is used. For dealing with day to day office work computer is used by the merchandisers, this makes their job easier. So to become a qualified merchandiser you must have basic knowledge about how to deals with basic operation by the help of computer technology.

If a person really wants to be a merchandiser then he/she will be required to have all these qualities. All these qualities make their job easier with effectively.

Responsibilities of Apparel Merchandiser

In Apparel sector now a day’s Apparel Merchandising is a well known and preferable job profile. As a student of textile engineering many of us dream to be a Apparel merchandiser. This job carrier is also well known to others people beside textile related personnel.

responsibilities of apparel merchandiser


The word Merchandising comes from the word Merchandise. Merchandise means buying and selling something.

The whole activities of merchandise ( means the activities of promoting the sale of goods) is “Merchandising”. Merchandising is a process or function for what to buy and how to sell. In other word merchandising is the marketing activity responsible for ensuring a product’s desirability, both in qualitative and quantitative

The person who deals with the merchandise is called Merchandiser. If a person deals with apparel merchandising then the person is called “Apparel Merchandiser”.

merchandising cycle

Merchandising Cycle

Merchandising Process

Mainly merchandising is a part of marketing process. There are required 4 P’s to complete the whole process of merchandising.

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place/Distribution
  • Promotion

Responsibilities of Apparel Merchandiser

  • Doing work with buyers/sellers closely and determining range of commodities or goods to sell.
  • Doing work in right time in right place considering time & place for buying goods demand.
  • Calculation the prices of goods.
  • Preparing current sales figure.
  • Giving policy guidelines to the buyers.
  • Taking responsibility promotion, display.
  • With the help of merchandising manager determining a strategy of goods.
  • Monitoring stock management.
  • Preparing purchase orders to match range plan from buyers.
  • For the buyers preparing detailed spreadsheets.
  • Planning for whole production process and financial process.
  • Ensuring purchase order raised to budgets.
  • Fabric and accessories sourcing and tracking
  • Negotiation with buyers/factories/and others about cost price.
  • Approving samples.
  • Factory production scheduling and production tracking
  • Monitoring all production process.
  • Ensuring preparation of all shipping documents.
  • Arranging final inspection
  • Shipping plan and booking
  • Ensuring shipment in due time.

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