Introduction To Spinning

Blending in Spinning Mill

Blending may be defined as a condition in which every fibre characteristic is found in the same proportion as in the original blending within every unit cross section of the yarn .Fibre blending has been practiced since the beginning of the cotton textile industry due to the variation in the physical properties of cotton fibres like scrapple length, fineness, strength…
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Mixing in the Spinning Mill

Mixing is the first and important process in the spinning process. Mixing is a process by which different grade of same fiber are kept together. Types of Mixing Volume mixing. Bin mixing. Card mixing. Weight mixing. Automatic mixing. Hand stock mixing. Lap mixing. Sliver mixing. Mixing by hopper. Mixing in the Spinning Mill Factors to be Considered Before Doing Mixing…
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Ginning Process of Cotton

Ginning The process by which the fibers are separated from the seeds is called ginning. It is one the most important step of spinning process. After collecting from field, Seed cotton moves to nearby gins for separation of lint and seed. The production of a typical gin is about 12 bale per hour. (here 1 bale = 500 pound) ¬†Objects…
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