Garments Defects Identification

Garments Defects Identification: Garments defect is one of the curtail factors of the apparel manufacturing industry because it creates a negative effect on actual productivity. If you have no idea of garments defects identification then it will be a tough job for you, but if you know it properly then… Continue reading

Opportunity Cost of an Investment

Opportunity Cost of an Investment Every investment decision should take care because the opportunity cost of an investment is involved in every financial decision. Here the first question may arise, what does an opportunity cost? Opportunity cost is the cost of selecting the best from the available alternatives. Opportunity cost… Continue reading

Needle and Sharp Tools Control Procedure in Apparel

Needle, Broken Needle and Sharp Tools Control Procedure in Apparel Industry applies to all types of Machine needles, Hand Sewing needles, Label Applicator Gun needles, staples, and sharps (defined as knives, scissors, cutters, etc.). This article has two parts of controlling sharp items in the garments industry. One is a needle… Continue reading

Metal Detection Procedure in Apparel

Metal Detection is the final precautionary measure used to get needle/metal free final product. It is not a replacement for well-maintained needle control procedures. Metal Detection Procedure in Apparel could be the final needle detection system and machine calibration (whether a machine is functioning properly or not) is checked by a 9-point… Continue reading

Implementation of 5S in Apparel Industry

5S comes from 5 Japanese words and each of them starts with S. These are seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu, and shitsuke, if we translate these 5 Japanese words into English then we get Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain. In garment industry 5S works as a basic tool of Lean Manufacturing, a technique… Continue reading