KPI Factors of Garments

KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator. This is the era of competition and we have to survive with a global challenge in the apparel industry. If you carefully work with Key points that is KPI Factors of Garments then surely Garments business will flourish. The management team should focus on… Continue reading

Flow Chart of Apparel Dyeing

Apparel Dyeing is a process by which color is applied on apparel. Basically through the dyeing process color is applied on fabric. Dyeing is used for giving fashionable look on fabric, and using these fabric, garments manufacture denim, t-shirt, sweater, Shirt, jackets etc. Objectives of Dyeing To produce fashionable garments… Continue reading

Inventory control in Apparel and Textile Warehouse

Inventory control is a crucial part of every industry.  Inventory control of Apparel, textile and fashion industry must keep inventory in their warehouse/store. Inventory control is called stock management which saves cost, time and increases work efficiency of your warehouse. Inventory control can be defined as a list of in… Continue reading

Sewing Quality Control SOP

Sewing Quality Control SOP Sewing is the key process of apparel industry. Sewing produce full garments. Cutting section just cut garments as per marker. Finishing section mainly does decorative work, add ticketing items and ironing. As Garments construct through Sewing; sewing quality control is most important factor in Apparel industry.… Continue reading

Sand Blasting Washing

Sand blasting is a mechanical dry washing process by which AL2O3 is passing through a nozzle with the help of high-speed compress air. Doll can be used for this type of washing.  Basically sandblasting is used in heavy garments like; denim, twill, Canvas, corduroy etc. Sand Blasting Washing (SiO2) Sandblasting… Continue reading

Calculation of Earnings and Loss for Garments Industry

Calculation of Earnings and Loss Template

Calculation of Earnings and Loss for Garments Industry Calculation of earnings and loss for garments industry is required to monitor whether factory operation is generation expected revenue or not. Based on your calculation of earnings and loss you can set production target to meet your expected level of profit for… Continue reading