Determine Optimal Capital Structure

How to Determine Optimal Capital Structure Many people get confused about the optimal capital structure for a company because they observed that different companies holding different capital structures. Capital can be formed by using only equity or combination of debt and equity, but cannot form only using debt capital. For a company debt and equity[…]

Financial System of Bangladesh

The Financial System is a systematic organization of institutions through which surplus units (those have a surplus amount of funds) transfer their fund to deficit units (those need funds to be financed) so that both the parties surplus and deficit unit get the financial benefit. Financial institutions or other individual financial companies use different kinds[…]

Public Financial Management Add Value

Public Financial Management Add Value Does public financial management add value to the actions of the corporate financial manager with respect to the public-private partnership? To identify whether public financial management adds value to the actions of the corporate financial manager with respect to the public-private partnership (PPP) or not, we have to know about[…]

Determining Financing Needs for Business

Determining Financing Needs for Business The success of a business depends on the effective use of financial and non-financial resources. It is the financial manager’s responsibility for determining financial needs for business and to ensure the right borrowing and financing decision. Holding an optimum level of funds is not an easy task. Every manager has[…]

Tasks of Corporate Finance

Corporate finance is a branch of finance where financing decisions about choosing a least-cost source of funds and optimal capital structure. The main tasks of corporate finance are to ensure the maximization of the value of the firm so that equity holders get the benefit. Remember one thing that corporate finance is not like public[…]

Debt is the Cheapest Source of Financing

Debt financing Debt financing is the act of raising operating capital or other capital by borrowing for business. Most often, this refers to the issuance of a bond, debenture, or other debt security. When a company takes a loan from the third party then it is considered debt financing. It is one of the most[…]

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