Fabric Dyeing and Printing Abbreviations

Fabric Dyeing and Printing Abbreviations

Whenever you are working in the different sector of garments you may require having knowledge about the basic abbreviations used in these sectors, so that you can use it for the respective purpose. Here I tried to arrange some important abbreviations used by the engineers or workers for fabric, dyeing, and printing.

fabric dyeing and printing abbreviations

Some Important abbreviations of FABRIC, DYEING, and PRINTING

  • CPI-Course per Inch
  • CVC-Chief Value of Cotton
  • CMC-Carboxyl Methyl Cellulose
  • CMS-Carboxyl Methyl Starch
  • CRI-Color Rendering Index
  • CWF-Cool White Fluorescent
  • CF-Compact Fluorescent
  • CRP- Caustic Recovery Plant
  • DMT- Di Methyl Terephthalate
  • D65-Artifical Daylight
  • EPI-Ends Per Inch
  • ETP-Effluent Treatment Plant
  • GLM- Gram per Linear Meter
  • GSM-Grams per Square Meter
  • ITET-Institute of Textile Engineers and Technologist
  • Pd- Plain Dyed
  • PET-Poly Ethylene Terephthalate
  • PVA- Poly Vinyl Amide
  • PPI-Picks Per Inch
  • PFD-Prepared for Dyeing
  • PPM-Parts per Million
  • PSI-Pounds per Square Inch
  • PC Fabric- Polyester Cotton Fabric
  • PTFE- Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene
  • RPM- Revolution per Minute
  • RED-Ready for Dyeing
  • RH- Relative Humidity
  • SD- Solid Dyed
  • TC- Tetron Cotton
  • TRO- Turkey Red Oil
  • UV-Ultraviolet Light
  • WTP-Water Treatment Plant
  • WPI- Wales per Inch
  • WR- Water Proof
  • WR- Water Repellent
  • YD- Yarn Dyed

Remember one thing that these abbreviations not only necessarily fixed by this meanings but it may varies and means differently in different department to department and also country to country.

Some Important Abbreviations of fabric, dyeing, and printing

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