Author: Nahian Mahmud Shaikat

8 Must Know Corporate Finance Principles by a Successful Manager

The corporate finance principles work as a guideline for the corporate to ensure better application of finance. This helps to ensure the smooth business operation and also to maximize the return of the stockholders. The task of corporate finance is mainly related to financing, investment, and dividend payment. And a better and safe financial decision[…]

Fashion Tips for Wearing Long Sleeve Dress at Work

The long sleeve dress endures being attire for most women nowadays. It shows sophistication and grace that no other style of clothing can communicate. Also, it can be either contemporary or conservation, contingent on its design and the one who apparels it. Still, it also has the potential of forming an impression of being old-fashioned[…]

Wearing jewelry at the Workplace: How to do it Right

What’s your company’s policy on wearing jewelry? If the company allows jewelry, all you need to do is choose something that looks professional and style it with your attire. But is the process as simple as picking what looks professional? There are a few things to consider. Wearing jewelry at the Workplace When you do[…]

Traditional Clothing Always The Best Option

From the Indian Sari to the Vietnamese conical hat, the world is full of varieties of traditional dresses. Some are colorful, some are specific to the country’s culture, and some belongs to specific history, and some due to the context or status. And that’s true that all these dresses are always attractive and eye-catching. Traditional[…]

Industrial Engineering (IE) in Apparel Industry

The idea of industrial engineering is to plan, design, install, and adapt to an integrated system of men, machine and materials for the purpose of maximizing operational efficiency. It is not only concerned with the development of an integrated system but also continuous improvement of that system. In this article, I will share the importance[…]

Which Fabric Is Best TopShop in Summer? Tips for Women

Summer is here! Learn all about the best materials or fabrics to wear this summer season. In some regions, summers are short-lived, whereas, in many regions, it lasts for about 4-6 months. In such cases, it becomes quite tricky for mothers who prefer modest dressing for teenagers. We will share details of Which Fabric Is[…]

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