Top University in Bangladesh

Top University in Bangladesh

Although there is a huge contradiction that which one is the top university among private and public universities in Bangladesh. Those do not have idea of the ranking they actually select university randomly or ask others to know which one can be the best alternative university for graduation or for post-graduation. I think before getting admitted to any university you have to know the quality of that university and how they admit student in different semester. Remember for admission you have to prepare yourself so that you can compete in the competitive admission test.

Factors you should consider before selecting a business school are educational environment, success records, qualities of the facilities, tuition fees, session delay(if any), type of course offers, library facilities , laboratory, scope of research, scholarship facilities, credit transfer facilities etc. If you find these things belongs to any university then you may consider that university as a quality university. If you look into the top ranked universities then you will find all these facilities/factors available there.

Although success stories/records in the public universities is very much impressive over the years but now private universities are coming forward and providing world class educational facilities. But the problem is the cost of education is much more than that of public universities.

Public universities preferred by the students because of quality of education, reputation of that university and lower cost of studying.

Top University in Bangladesh

Considering the reputation of universities and educational quality, I have tried to make a list which may help to have idea about Top Universities in Bangladesh:

Top 20 University in Bangladesh 2016

  1. Dhaka University
  2. Institute of Business Administration, Jahangirnagar University
  3. Institute of Business Administration, Dhaka University
  4. North South University
  5. Khulna University
  6. Jahangirnagar University (Business Faculty)
  7. Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology (AUST)
  8. East West University
  9. Rajshahi University
  10. Brac University
  11. Chittagong University
  12. National University of Bangladesh
  13. United International University
  14. American International University
  15. Jagannath University
  16. Shahjalal University of Science & Technology (SUST)
  17. Bangladesh Agricultural University
  18. Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUtex)
  19. Independent University
  20. Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP)

Top 10 Public University in Bangladesh

  1. Dhaka University (DU)
  2. Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)
  3. Khulna University (KU)
  4. Jahangirnagar University (JU)
  5. Rajshahi University (RU)
  6. Chittagong University (CU)
  7. National University (NU)
  8. Jagannath University (JNU)
  9. Shahjalal University of Science & Technology (SUST)
  10. Bangladesh Agricultural University

Top 10 Private University in Bangladesh

  1. North South University
  2. Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology (AUST)
  3. East West University
  4. Brac University
  5. United International University
  6. American International University
  7. Independent University
  8. Asia Pacific University
  9. Eastern University
  10. Daffodil International University

If you think that I have missed something then you can comment here and share your opinion with us. Above ranking is based on the market value of universities. My suggestion for you is to evaluate first and then select a university to admit rather blindly believing this ranking.