Indirect Yarn Count System

Yarn Count

There is a nice definition of yarn count according to textiles institute of UK, “count is a number of indicating the mass per unit length or length per unit mass of yarn of yarn”

In other word count can be defined as , the numerical values which expresses the fineness or coarseness of yarn. It indicates the relationship between length and weight also.

So, “Yarn count is a number which indicate the mass per unit length or the length per unit mass of the yarn”

Indirect yarn count system or numbering system

classification of yarn count

Yarn Counting System

Classification of Yarn count

Direct Count

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Indirect count (length/weight)

The length of a fixed weight of yarn is measured. The length per unit weight is the yarn indirect count. General features of all indirect count systems are the weight of yarn is fixed and the length of yarn varies according to it’s fitness.

Points should remember during indirect count

  1. In indirect count system weight is fixed.
  2. Higher the yarn number finer the yarn and
  3. Lower yarn number coarser the yarn.

The following formula is used to calculate the indirect yarn count

indirect yarn count system

Formula of Indirect Count


N = Yarn count or numbering system

W= Weight of the sample

L = Length of the sample

l = Unit of length of the sample

w =The unit of weight

Some indirect yarn count system

 English count system, Ne              : No of 840yd lengths per pound

Metric count, Nm                               : No. of kilometers per kilograms

Woolen count (YSW)                        : No. of 256 yd lengths per pound (lb)

Woolen count (Dewsbury)              : No. of yd lengths per oz

Worsted count, NeK                         : No. of 560 yd lengths per pound

Linen count, NeL                              : No. of 300 yd lengths per pound


English Count

English count indicates how many hanks of 840 yards length weighs one pound.

That means, if count 40 Ne, then it means 40 hanks (bundle) of 840 yards will give 1 pound weigh.

(Note: So, for gaining 1 pound weigh, 840 yards long how many yarn bundle we will in need, this require number of bundle is the English count of this yarn.)

Here count 40 Ne means, 40 bundle of yarn with 840 yards length will be required to get 1 pound weigh.

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