Basic Operation in Blow Room

Blow Room: There are some methods of opening the mass of fibres into small tufts before further processing. This process of opening & clean is knows as blow room process. Blow room consists of a number of m/c degree 40% to 70% trash is removed in this section.

basic operation in blow room

Blow Room

Objects of Blow Room Process

  1. To open the compressed layer of bale of cotton or any staple fibers with minimum damage to the fibers.
  2. To remove the impurities like sand, seed, bits, neps & short fibers present in the cotton with minimum loss of lint by opening & blending.
  3. To effect a through blending with minimum neps formation.
  4. To convert the mass of cotton fibres into a uniform thick sheet of cotton both longitudinally & transversely &fed as it in the case of chute feed system or wound in the form of a compactly built lap with minimum lap rejection.
  5. Intensive de-dusting of cotton fibres to extract micro-dust in order to improve the working of opened spinning m/c.
  6. Fibre recovery from the waste produced by the various processes the conversion of fibre to yarn in order to reduce the consumption of raw material.

Basic Operation in Blow Room

  1. Opening

    1. Opening is the first operation required carried out to the stage of flocks in the blow room & to the stage individual fibres in the card flock weight can be reduced to about 0.1mg in the room.
  1. Cleaning

    1. The blow room cannot eliminate all or even almost all of the foreign matter in the raw material.
    2. A blow room installation removes approximately 40% to 70% of the impurities.
    3. The result is dependent on raw material on the m/c s & on environment.
  1. Dust removal

    1. Dust removal is not easy operation since the dust particles are completely enclosed in the flocks & hence are back during suction.
    2. The suction units remove dust 64 dust removal will more intensive the smaller the flocks.
  1. Blending

    1. Fibers can be blending at various stages of the process. These possibilities should always be exploited.
    2. The start of the process is one of most important stages for blending.
    3. Intensive blending in a suitable blending m/c must be carried out after separate flock extraction from individual bales of layout.
    4. This blending operation must collect the sequentially arriving bunches of fibers from individual bales & mixes them thoroughly.
  1. Even feed of material of the card

    1. Finally the blow room must ensure that raw material is evenly delivered to the cards. Previously, this was carried out by means of precisely weighed laps from the scutcher, but automatic flock feeding installations are increasingly being used.
    2. While in the introductory phase such installations were subject to problem regarding evenness of flock deliver, today they generally operate well or at least adequately.

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