Woven Fabric Costing and Structure Factors

Woven Fabric Costing and Structure Factors

In garments, you may find different types of fabric are used and the fabric depends on what type of garments you want to produce. Based on the requirement different forms of the manufacturing process are followed in the factory. A merchandiser has to consider lots of things to calculate costing because based on this costing he/she will make contact with buyers. So if you are a merchandiser or wanted to be a merchandiser then you have to have knowledge of woven fabric costing and structure factors.

From my own experience, I am going to share about fabric costing and structure factors for your better understanding.

woven fabric costing and structure factorsFactors of Woven Fabric Costing and Structure

  1. Fiber content
  2. Spinning type
  3. Yarn count
  4. Twist per inch(TPI) of yarn
  5. Number of picks per inch
  6. Number of ends per inch
  7. GSM
  8. Fabric width
  9. Dyeing/Printing type
  10. Finishing type
  11. Fabric Weave type
  12. Shade Quality
  13. Fabric Quality
  14. Shrinkage percentage

Fabric Specification: Very commonly use the following formula to know about fabric = (Warp yarn count X weft yarn count) / (Ends/inch X Picks/inch) X Fabric width.

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