Classification of Singeing


Singing is a process of burn out the projecting fibre to increase smoothness and evenness of the fabric.

Objective of Singeing

  1. Burning of projecting fibres from yarn/fabric surface.
  2. Fabric/Yarn surface become smooth, even and clean.
  3. Maximum Luster is produced by mercerizing.
  4. Help to create smart design by printing.
  5. Save from uneven dyeing & printing.

Classification of Singeing

There are three types of singeing. They are

classification of singeing

Classification of Singeing

Plate Singeing

In plate singeing open fabric is passed upon the copper plate. To maintain ever speed some guide roller and draw roller are used. The temperature of singeing plates are heating but problem is the plate temperature vary. The process speed vary 135-225 m/min.

plate singeing

Plate Singeing

Advantages of plate singeing

Due to friction between cloth surface and copper plate fabric surface become smooth.

Disadvantages of plate singeing

Copper plate not to be evenly so uneven singeing is performed.

Roller Singeing

  • Some defects of plate singeing machine are overcome in roller singeing machine.
  • In roller singeing machine there is used rotating cylinder instead of stationary curved plate as plate singeing machine. It may be made of either copper or cast iron and provided with internal firing system.
roller singeing

Roller Singeing

  • In this machine the surface temperature of the cylinder is more uniform at all places.
  • The rotation of the cylinder is opposite to the fabric movement, so raise the nap ensuring efficient singeing.

Gas Singeing :( Will discuss in my next article as it is so important types. Stay with us.)


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