What are the Three Forms of Market Efficiency

What are the Three Forms of Market Efficiency? Whenever you talk about you may find three form of efficiency exists in the market. So, what are the three forms of market efficiency? The answer is: Weak form of Efficiency Semi-Strong form of Efficiency Strong form of efficiency Weak Form of… Continue reading

List of Machinery for Knit Composite Dyeing and Garments Factory

List of Machinery for Knit Composite Dyeing and Garments Factory   Knit Composite Factory Generally knit composite receive yarn from spinning. The process starts with yarn dyeing and finishes with fully knitted garments ready to send to the customer. Different stages and process involved in a knit composite factory. In… Continue reading

Mold Prevention in Apparel Industry

Mold is a type of fungus. Mold can grow on almost all organic material as long as moisture and oxygen are present. Mold eventually cause structural damage to the building, building materials and manufacturing product of a garments industry. To control mold you need to have a good idea of… Continue reading

Technical Audit in Apparel Industry

Technical Audit (TA) is a very crucial task of garments manufacturing. Every buyer (Customer) do a technical audit before placing an order to any garments factory. In this article, I am going to talk about what is a technical audit in apparel industry and how we can use and for what… Continue reading

Quality Control Manual of Garments

Quality Control Manual of Garments Every factory has their own policy to control quality to get a better product. Everything is to be written in a document; how to control quality and how to get the best quality product. For quality control, this document is known as a quality manual,… Continue reading

Calculate Garments Cost of Making

One of the highest manufacturing industry is garments manufacturing industry where different types of garments are manufactured. Calculate Garments cost of making time to time is the right decision because the main motive of garments manufacturer is to make a profit where they manufacture garments and then sell it. But… Continue reading

Finishing Quality Control SOP of Apparel Industry

Finishing is the last step of the apparel industry. Quality Control is necessary for every stage of garments production for the purpose of making a quality product, finishing the garments, prepare for shipment and finally deliver to the garments buyer. So, finishing is a very important process in garments. To… Continue reading

Garments Defects Identification

Garments Defects Identification: Garments defect is one of the curtail factors of apparel manufacturing industry because it creates a negative effect on actual productivity. If you have no idea of garments defects identification then it will be a tough job for you, but if you know it properly then it… Continue reading

Opportunity Cost of an Investment

Opportunity Cost of an Investment Every investment decision should take care because the opportunity cost of an investment is involved in every financial decision. Here the first question may arise, what is an opportunity cost? Opportunity cost is the cost of selecting best from the available alternatives. Opportunity cost starts… Continue reading

Needle and Sharp Tools Control Procedure in Apparel

Needle, Broken Needle and Sharp Tools Control Procedure in Apparel Industry applies to all types of Machine needles, Hand Sewing needles, Label Applicator Gun needles, staples, and sharps (defined as knives, scissors, cutters, etc.). This article has two parts of controlling sharp items in the garments industry. One is a needle… Continue reading