Types of Stitch Used in Garments Sewing (Part-1)

Types of Stitch Used in Garments Sewing

What is Stitch Loops or loops of one or more threads when bound with each other, either by interlacing, interloping or intralooping or combination of those when sewing fabric and each unit of such configuration is considered as stitch. Some Terminology Related with Stitch Interlacing During stitching when one loop… Continue reading

Conventional Layout Vs Rail Line Layout System of Garments Finishing Unit

Conventional Layout Vs Rail Line Layout System of Garments Finishing Unit

‘Layout’ is simply the orientation of product or process flow. From our day to day life it has so many significant impacts. In the RMG sector, every section has a specific kind of layout system as per work standard. Garments finishing is the last stage among top three stages (Cutting>Sewing>Finishing).… Continue reading

Visual Management: A Tool of Lean Management for Garments Finishing Unit

Zone alignment demarcation in garments factory

‘Visual Management’ is an important part of lean manufacturing. It can carry up to 90% information in production floor. Visual management can convey message more effectively & easily understandable by all. Though It has positive impact, we sometimes overlooked this tool because of our ignorance or lack of knowledge. Visual… Continue reading

Necessary IE Terms of Apparel Industry

Necessary IE Terms of Apparel Industry

Industrial Engineering – IE is one of the popular term used in the apparel industry, where this work for optimization of complex process within the industry. Optimization is applicable to men, machine, materials, methods, and monetary resources. Here in this article you will have details of necessary IE terms of… Continue reading

Job Responsibilities of Production AGM in Apparel Industry

A production general manager (GM) is a person, who is Head of manufacturing, ultimate responsible person for productivity, operation and operational staff management. Most respected person in garments factory because of having control on whole factory manufacturing process. He is reporting boss of all production managers and staff. GM, DGM,… Continue reading

Are We Focusing on Wages Increment and Efficiency Improvement Equally

Gross Salary Increment Amount and Percent of Bangladeshi Workers

The economy of Bangladesh is moving forward with the help of different industrial contributions. Ready Made Garments (RMG) is one of the core contributor where our garments business is growing because of lower labor cost and other operational cost. In Bangladesh, RMG sector creating millions of people’s employment over the… Continue reading

Major Economic Contributions of RMG Sector in Bangladesh

RMG sector is one of the important sectors which has so many contributions to the economic development of Bangladesh. In this article, some major economic contribution of RMG sector is described. It will be helpful to know the condition, impact, ways of development, future scopes of RMG sector in our… Continue reading

How to Make Yourself Prepared for Verbal Interview

How to Make Yourself Prepared for Verbal Interview ‘Viva’ or ‘verbal interview’ is the hurdle to defense yourself, knowledge or thoughts. Sometimes it becomes so hard to overcome the total pressure of facing a verbal interview. For an experienced person, it is more common to do meetings, to give presentations,… Continue reading

Scan and Pack System in Apparel Industry

The effect of digitalization is everywhere, in apparel industry different electronic devices are used to collect information, keep records and also use these records to increase the operational efficiency. Because of operational benefit, in garments and stores you may find that people are using it and it gives them operational… Continue reading

How to Start Your Career as a Fresh Graduate of Industrial Engineer and Textile Engineer

How to Start Your Career as Fresh Graduate of Industrial Engineer and Textile Engineer

‘Graduated’, we sometimes love to share it in our social networking site or celebrate the moment with friends & family. This word comes along with goal, responsibilities, career, future etc. In the applied engineering section, Industrial Engineering and Textile Engineering are two preferred departments not only for a career but… Continue reading